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Secret to Building Special Bonds Chipseez – Dosti ka Naya Funda

Secret to Building Special Bonds Chipseez – Dosti ka Naya Funda

When it comes to packaged snacks, potato chips are the clear winner for many. Crispy, Crunchy, and flavorful it’s a perfect munching snack that foodies vouch for.

If you’re one to venture outside the original flavor profile, chances are high you’re a peppy-cream-and-onion lover, a tomato tangy fan or maybe a cheesy-chip devotee. Well, whichever flavor you choose to gorge on, picking the right brand can certainly pep up your fun moments.

The ChipseeZ from Pitaara is just the perfect choice for those who do not settle for anything less than outstanding. We offer a delectable range of potato chips that has already won many hearts. Try pitaara’s mouthwatering and delightfully crunchy potato chips to experience riot of flavors. With each flavor infused with remarkably different taste, you get to choose packs as per your mood.

Whether you are watching your favorite movie, playing video or board games or enjoying outdoor activity, with ChipseeZ around there can be no bland moments.

When talking of joyful moments of life can we miss out friends? That’s a no for sure! In fact, no fun moment is complete without friends, gossips and some crunchy snacks. So, as you catch up with your buddies reminiscing over old tales or gossiping over spicy topics don’t forget to grab your plate of scrummy ChpiseeZ. Share it with your friends and set the ball rolling for some real fun!

Sneak peak to our tasty snacking world and take your snacking imagination to the next level.

Pitaara ChipseeZ – The Real Mash-Up of Flavors to Keep your Snacking Game Fresh

1. Zippy Masala: Bursting with flavors, the masala chips are sure to tantalize your tastebuds and leave you asking for more. This appetizing nosh can amp up the fun quotient to any gathering. So, next time when you are with your fun mates don’t forget to bring the real flavorful twist of masala chips. Still better, stock up your snack basket with Pitaara Masala chips and have it as you crave it!

2. Truly Salted: The classic salted chips continue to rule hearts. The mild flavor and crunchy texture of this timeless offering is just the ideal pick to satiate your unscheduled munching cravings. Get your pack and munch to your heart’s content on this evergreen variety of chips!

3. Zesty Pudina: Craving for a refreshing munch? The zesty Pudina chips give you just the right minty punch that opens all gates of freshness. Brimming with the cool lime flavor each nibble will lift your spirits. Treat yourself and your friends to this yummy snack and stir up some real fun!

4. Peppy Cream and Onion: The mildly sweet and creamy flavored potato chips are a must-have snack for your get together. But why wait fora party to enjoy the irresistible and flavorful packed chips? Just order them online and treat yourself with the tasty chips now!

5. Zingy Tomato: Romance your taste buds with the lip smacking and tangy flavor of tomatoes and savory spices. Be it the regular snack time or impromptu get-together, this snack variety is sure to leave you yum struck! So, go get your pack of Zingy tomato chips and make the most of your moments with this super crunchy munch.

If you’re a gastronome who’s passionate about experiencing the best of flavors, then ChipseeZ potato chips is something that shouldn’t miss out from your snack list. Whether it’s partying with friends or chilling out with siblings at home, with delicious variants of ChipseeZ you have a reason to celebrate every mood and occasion!


Pitaara Snacks - Khazana Khaas Palon Ka

Pitaara – Khazana Khaas Palon Ka

Going down the memory lane of good old days, there’s something we all can connect to – the refreshing snacking time. Growing up, we all had our favourite snacks that delighted us the most. In fact, no fun time was complete without luscious snacks. Be it relishing the sweet-tangy mango slices during summers, munching on popcorn for movie nights or nibbling on humble potato chips at school breaks, string of sweet memories are attached to each of them.

For a daily serving of nostalgia, lets’ take a look at some of the delicious snacks and tit-bits that made our yesteryear memories more exciting. Curated below is a list of snacks that are guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane.

Throwback to snack picks that enriched our moments

1. Aloo bhujia: The iconic aloo bhujia that still continues to tantalize our taste buds was one of the favourite evening snacks. Loaded with the goodness of potato and the flavorsome spices, aloo bhujia was the delicious treat that we craved for. Whether it was unwinding with family members at tea time or watching movies at night, a plate of aloo bhujia was the perfect snack to gorge on.

2. Salted peanuts: Devouring on roasted snack with the inherent deliciousness of peanuts turned out to be the ideal munching indulgence. Seasoned with salt and just the right amount of spices, this snack was the best for the unscheduled hunger pangs. What’s more, pairing these versatile salted peanuts with bhel, chaat, poha etc made us drool over the flavourful twist.

3. Masala Sev mumura: For the quick and easy breezy munchies, sev murmura was the incredible choice. Crispy and mildly flavored, the clubbing of murmura with sev created an excellent mix. Adding a dash of lemon juice, some chopped onions and tomatoes to masala sev murmura enhanced the taste manifolds. When homes bustled with relatives during vacations, this served as a saviour snack to satiate the unscheduled hunger pangs of the guests and their little ones.

4. Moong daal : Tasty and crunchy, it’s hard to replace it! The all-time crowd pleaser, moong daal was the go-to snack that we enjoyed during picnics and leisure times. Light and tasty, snacking on moong daal with nimbu pani or other drinks added extra zing to our festive moods.

5. Potato chips: When it comes to savoury snacks, we just can’t miss out potato chips. The crunchy potato chips have justifiably been all-time favourite snacks of people around the world. Be it partying with friends or cuddling in a cosy corner to enjoy a book, partnering with potato chips always heightened the excitement. Simple yet tempting, the crunchy sound with every bite took snacking to another level.

Want to relive the pleasant memories of past by treating your taste buds with something similar? Well, with Pitaara Snacks at home, it’s easy to create the magic of flavourful experiences. The brand offers a wide range of lip-smacking snacks and namkeens that will take you back to the childhood fun days of your. You can easily order the snacks online and create the party mood with your old-time friends and cousins. So, what are you waiting for? Hark back to the good old times with your Pitaara platter and live the cherished moments once again.