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Choose Luscious Pitaara Snacks this Ganesh Chaturthi

Choose Luscious Pitaara Snacks to Make this Ganesh Chaturthi Even More Special!

The time is flying by fast and once again we’ve reached the exciting part of the year when we welcome Ganesh Chaturthi with full gusto. The festive mood fills the air as people brace themselves for the much-awaited festival. Marking the birth of Lord Ganesha- symbolic of new beginning and fresh start, this auspicious occasion is something we look forward to eagerly every year.

Conducting poojas at home and societies, decorating homes, visiting pandals and inviting friends and families over delicious snacks, Ganesh Chaturthi has never been a festival of subtleties. Despite Covid 19 limiting our celebrations – with no elaborate pandals, huge processions and grand visarjans, there is simply no dearth of excitement amongst the devotees.

The unbridled joy and positivity continues to touch every heart across the country. Pitaara too feels the connection and hence, brings to you a wide range of mouth-watering namkeen snacks and tit bits to add to the festive fervor.

About Ganesh Chaturthi

Celebrated in the honour of the beloved elephant-headed God, Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. An important festival of Hindus, it celebrated with much grandeur –massive idols are crafted and put up at temples and pandals for worshipping, people from all walks of life gather to pay homage to their idols, there’s music, dance and lot more happenings everywhere. The closing of the festival is marked by immersing of the Ganesh idols in water, known as visarjan.

Celebrated every year in mid of August & September months, the festival lasts for around ten days. Though it’s a Hindu festival celebrated across the country, certain regions are more pompous in terms of celebrations. The most extravagant and impressive ceremonies take place in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

How to make your Ganesh Chaturthi more special with Pitaara?

No festival is complete without yummy savories and delicacies. So, how can we miss out this factor when it comes to the festival marked with boundless zeal and energy?

Whip up some delicious sweets at home and pair it up with yummy Pitaara namkeens. Be it jalebis, modaks or other deserts you are fond of, make sure you don’t fall short on spicy and tantalizing snacks to strike the balance.

1. Khatta Meetha : A perfect blend of sweet and sour flavors, Khaata Meetha snack is just the right snack to get you in a merry mood. Delightfully crunchy and flavorsome, the savory when added to your serving tray along with tea, coffee or juice will surely bring smiles to your guests.

2. Navarang : Kick start your party with friends and family with delectable navrang mixture. A spicy snack with crunchy peanuts, this namkeen will ignite the tastebuds and stir up the festive spirit. Team up with lip-smacking rasgulla or modak and have a fabulous time this Ganesh Chaturthi!

3. Laajawaab All in one Mixture: With cashews, raisins and blend of other yummy ingredients, this tasty mix offers you riot of flavors. Whether you want to offer delectable experience to your guest or wish to present something yummy to a host friend, Laajawab mix is just the right option to go for!

Besides the array of interesting namkeen mixture there are also scrummy ChipseeZ assortment that can add bling to your festive enthusiasm. Available in different flavors – truly salted chips, zesty pudina chips, peppy cream and onion chips and zingy tomato chips, the Pitaara chips collection is a must-have to your snacking treat.

So, what are you waiting for! Gear up for the upcoming festival and let your spirit soar high. Give yourself and home the festive makeover and set the stage for fun. As your prep goes full swing don’t forget to upgrade your snack kitty. Try Pitaara snacks and namkeens to make it more happening.

Top 5 Pitaara Snacks That You Can’t Give a Miss!

Top 5 Pitaara Snacks That You Can’t Give a Miss!

India is a land of rich food culture that strongly believes people who eat together stay together. Hence, meal time and tea time are seen as moments for sharing and strengthening bonds.

Since last year, with pandemic hitting us hard, the snacking habit has taken a completely new level. Be it work from home professionals or students attending classes on line, munching time in between breaks or while unwinding with family members has become a routine of every family life. No wonder, snacking has turned into a big trend, paving the way for new players/brands to enter the market.

The good part of this expanding market is that you get to explore a wider range of varieties and flavors. What’s more, you can have it all at your doorstep! With access to online deliveries, you can easily fill your snack cabinet with your favorite namkeen snacks and embark on flavorful journey whenever you feel like.

Amidst the crowd, Pitaara is one brand that is making its mark and winning hearts with its yummy and flavor-packed snack varieties. With finger on the snacking pulse of the nation, we have come up with delicious savories and namkeens that are perfect for celebrating every mood and occasion.

If you are looking for fun-filled and wholesome snacking experience, opt for Pitaara range. Offering a world of lip smacking snacks and namkeens, with Pitaara kitty there can never be a dull moment.

To know what the brand has in store for you lets dive into some of its mouth-watering offerings. Here is a list of popular snacks from Pitaara that are attracting raving reviews and hence a must-try for all foodies!

Top 5 Pitaara Snack Variants that you Gotta Try!

1.Truly Salted Chips: The delightful Chipseez assortment brings to you crunchy potato chips with explosion of taste with every bite. An excellent munching option, it’s sure to enliven your snacking moments. Catching up with old buddies at home or hanging around with your fun mates, a pack of Pitaara salted chips can stir up some real fun.

2.Albela Aloo Bhujia: Longing for something exciting to tantalize your taste buds? Albela aloo bhujia is just the right match! Whether you team it up with sweet chai or hot cup of coffee, this refreshing tit bit will add extra flavorful punch to your relaxed moments and set the mood right!

3.Bikaneri Bhujia: Nothing can beat the pleasure of sipping steaming cup of tea with loved ones. Does that ring your bell? Well, pairing tea with crispy and crunchy bikaneri bhujia sev can make your special moments lot more enjoyable. So, get your hands on this irresistible pack of namkeen and spark up the fun!

4.Any time Sev Murmura: When hit with unscheduled hunger pangs treat yourself with a bowl of Pitaara anytime sev murmura. Perfect by itself, this mix of puffed rice and sev can be given a scrummy twist by adding chopped onion, tomatoes, some chilli and lemon juice. Try it the way you want and give your tastebud and tummy the flavourful ride they yearn for!

Absolutely appetising, this crunchy tit bit is one of the best variants you’ve ever had. Wait no longer; order your pack of Pitaara moong dal namkeen and relish the mild yet fulfilling savoury. Share with your friends and loved ones and feel the pleasure of real happiness!

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