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Double the Joy of Diwali Festivity with Pitaara Namkeen

Double the Joy of Diwali Festivity with Pitaara Namkeen!

Diwali is the time to celebrate, share and connect with your loved ones. Signifying light over darkness and hope over despair, Diwali is just the right occasion to make people feel special. What can be a better way to bond and spread happiness than gifting your friends and family something that would add up to their festive mood?

Given the market is flooded with myriad gifting options, ranging from sweets and snacks to dry fruits and chocolates, make a heartfelt choice that could convey your warmth to the recipient.

Are you confused over the selection of choices? Well, don’t wrack your brains, Pitaara offers you an awesome assortment of tasty snacks like bikaneri bhujia, aloo bhujia, chips and more that can serve as perfect Diwali gifts for your special ones.

Considering the emotions and love attached to the gifting tradition, Pitaara is introducing tempting offers on its snack packs that are sure to win you over. Flavors, jo apka ‘dil roshan kare’!

Amazing Diwali Gifting Options for you!

Here is a brief list that we’ve specially curated for your Diwali gifting:
1. Bikaneri bhujia: Light and flavorsome, Bikaneri Bhujia is an excellent gifting option that can be paired with other sweet packs. Pitaara’s potato-based bhujia sev is a sheer pleasure that can be relished as standalone snack or also as toppings to other savories like chaat and bhel to enhance the taste of the snack. And what better to take a break from all the Diwali sweets, with a twist of namkeen. Specially curated offer – with every 400gram pack, you get a 100 gm pack absolutely free. So, share the delight with your close family and friends and spark up their tastebuds!

2. Laajawab All in One: Why gift a separate box of dry fruits, sweets and namkeen to friends and family when you can gift them All-In-One! Tasty and crunchy, this snack is a delicious mix of cashews, raisins and other tantalizing ingredients. A wonderful munching snack, it’s a crowd-pleaser that none can resist. Make the most of the offers; buy a super saver pack & get 200gm free with 900gm pack of Pitaara Laajawab at a discounted rate of Rs. 195. This is not all; the brand is all geared to make this Diwali really special by offering you a free airtight storage container on purchase of a combo pack of Bikaneri Bhujia & Laajawab All in one (400gms each).

3. Chipseez: Finding the perfect munching snack for your Diwali Parties and for all the Poker Games? Chipseez are the ultimate munching delights that elevate the fun quotient. Available in different 7 flavors like classic potato chips, tangy tomato chips, zesty pudina chips and more, the crunchy potato snack – Chipseez are an attractive gifting option to consider this Diwali. Share 20% extra happiness this Diwali by gifting 20% extra chips in every Rs. 10 Chipseez pack. Create memorable moments by gifting Chipseez along with a chocolate pack!

Embark on the flavorful journey with Pitaara and share the happiness with your dear ones. Pitaara not only offers you the opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your loved ones but also allows you to connect with some noble causes. For every purchase festive offer, the Pitaara brand donates a certain amount to Covid Care and Bal Kalyan Sanstha to make Diwali special for everyone.

Amidst the beauty of fireworks and lights, open your heart to express your emotions and make a difference. Rekindle the bond of togetherness; opt for Pitaara snacks, a range of time-honored Indian snacks with novelty. Get your gift pack of bhujia sev, cream and onion chips, khatta meetha namkeen, Navrang etc to double the joy of giving this Diwali.

Nothing can be more beautiful than spreading the message of love and togetherness and inspiring others to do the same. Partner with Pitaara this Diwali and be the reason for someone’s happiness and smile!

Pitaara’s Navratri Special Falahari Namkeens is here to Spark up your Festive Mood!

The festive time of Navratri is here once again and people are all geared to surrender themselves to the devotion of Goddess Durga. Marking the victory of good over evil, the festival is celebrated across the length and breadth of India with a lot of enthusiasm. From Punjab, Haryana & Delhi to UP, Bihar and West Bengal, every region has its own Navratri festive flavor!

Believed to bring prosperity, health and wisdom in the lives of the devotees, Navratri, is observed for nine nights wherein every night a different avatar of Goddess Durga is worshipped. The auspicious festival is associated with some beautiful rituals, traditions and customs that bind our country together.

Fasting is an important aspect of Navratri festival and a way of showing devotion to the divine. However, cutting down on the routine diet is challenging. Light snacks and munching tidbits like falahari namkeen, falhaari chivda, saboodana snacks etc. along with the main course keep the spirits high.

Significance of Navratri

Navratri symbolizes the nine long days that Goddess Durga fought the battle with demon king ‘Mahishasura’, eventually killing him. The nine nights are dedicated to different forms of the divine feminine principle or the shakti.

Navratri is also special as it sets the beginning of the festival season in India. It is followed by Dussehra, Diwali and Bhai Dooj, the most revered and celebrated festivals of India.

Navratri in true sense is the time to rejuvenate body and mind. Fasting, meditation and other spiritual practices help to shed off the year-long tiredness and restore mental peace. Sattvic diet and regular meditation is believed to have a great detox impact on body & mind.

Pitaara Snacks that can keep you rejuvenated during Navratri!

Pitaara brings for its customers a delightful and refreshing assortment of snacks to enliven your moments. Ranging from tantalizing mixtures and namkeens to classy potato chips, Pitaara’s treasure chest has something for all occasions and moments.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the world of Pitaara snacks and pick something that could perfectly complement your Navratri diet.

  • Saras falahari teekha

This is an Upwas special snack made of potatoes, raisins, and peanuts. With a perfect blend of sweet and spice, the savory is marked with an amazing touch of curry leaf flavor. This tasty snack will keep you going as you continue with your fasting routine. Pair it up with chai or coffee and experience the delight like never before!

  • Saras falahari meetha

For those who crave for something sweet, this is just the best snack to count on. Crispy and sweet, the Falahari Meetha melts in your mouth, leaving a sweet lingering taste. A blessing for fasting days, it’s a must-have item for your Navaratri savoury list.

  • Salted peanuts

This humble yet wholesome snack is just the right appetizer to bank on for your Navratri days. The versatile peanuts can also be used to pep up your other snack varieties. Add it to falahari chivda, saboodana kichdi, bhel etc and explore the world of flavors.

To enjoy this Navratri season and the following festivities to the fullest, keep yourself perked up. Partner with Pitaara namkeen snacks and titbits to dial-up energy and make your divine and joyful journey more cherishable!


Experience the Yum-Fun of Snacking with Chatpata Pitaara Legume Snacks

Experience the Yum-Fun of Snacking with Chatpata Pitaara Legume Snacks

When it comes to delightful snack varieties, none can miss out on the yummy legume-based savories. Whether you are enjoying a hot cup of tea with family or lazying around with friends; snacks such as moong daal, coated peanuts or hing chana etc are just the right accompaniments to set the mood.

Enjoying a sizeable share in the namkeen snacks market, these tidbits can be relished as a standalone snack or even used as the base ingredient for other creative savory recipes.

India being a land of diverse regions and cultures renders greater variety to our taste palettes. Be it main cuisines, deserts or even snacks, a mélange of flavors ensures there’s something for all. Talking of the namkeen and snack assortments, the use of varying seasonings and spices opens up the gate for a flavorful journey for snack lovers.

Pitaara is one brand that has been offering lip-smacking and luscious snacks that are hard to resist. Having proven its mark in the snack industry, the company continues to woo foodies with its incredible array of namkeens and snacks including bikaneri bhujia, aloo bhujia, moong daal, sev murmure and more.

As legume-based snacks gain popularity amongst snacking enthusiasts, Pitaara brings to you an appetizing range of ready-to-munch legume snacks. Inspired by diverse flavors and tastes, these savories are sure to kick things up a notch.

If you are a gastronome, passionate about snacking, then curated below is a list of Pitaara snacks that are a must-try for you.

Give yourself an awesome treat with Pitaara’s range of legume snacks

1. Hing Chana: Made from roasted chana, this quintessentially Indian snack is an all-time favorite of most Indian families. Pitaara gives a delightful twist to this namkeen with a tinge of asafoetida (hing) and a tangy flavor with a special masala mix. Filling and tasty, the hing chana is a crowd-pleaser that your snacking list should not give a miss.

2. Coated peanuts: Spiced to perfection, coated peanuts are yummy snacking options that will satiate your state buds. Be it the regular snack time or an impromptu get-together, Pitaara nutty tasty coated peanuts are sure to amp up your moments.

3. Salted peanuts: When you want to experience the inherent deliciousness of peanuts, try Pitaara salted peanuts. Seasoned with salt, each bite will make your munching indulgence flavorful. For snack lovers who like to explore, these versatile peanuts can be clubbed with other savories too like bhel, chaat, poha etc.

4. Moong Daal: Whether its mid-meal hunger pangs or late-night munching cravings, moong daal namkeen is the perfect snack to gorge on. Mildly flavored and light on tummy, this snack will delight your tastebuds without making you feel too full. What’s more, create your own magic recipe with moong daal by adding onion, tomatoes, coriander leaves and lemon juice to it and relish the chatpata mix.

5. Chataake Shing: Absolutely tempting, this crunchy titbit is certainly one of the best variants you’ve ever had. If you want to treat your tastebuds with a fulfilling savoury, then you must go for it. Don’t forget to share with your friends and loved ones to experience the fun of togetherness.

To take your snacking imagination to the next level, try Pitaara legume-based snack assortment. Brimming with flavors, these tidbits and namkeen mixture will lift your spirits and leave you asking for more. So, what are you waiting for, get your pack of Pitaara and spice up your snacking moments!