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This Bhai Dooj Rekindle the Bonds with Pitaara Snacks

This Bhai Dooj Rekindle the Bonds with Pitaara Snacks

Festivals and families are the two inseparable parts that portray India truly.

India has always been known as a land of festivals where each festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal. The beauty of these festivals lies not only in their relevance but also in the way they connect people. Bhai Dooj is one such festival that celebrates the lovely bond between brothers and sisters.

What is that one thing that brings a smile to your face when walking down memory lane?

Isn’t it the early memories with your siblings-the first friends& rivals?

Playing games together, sharing books and dresses, fighting over little issues, laughing at the silliest jokes and even competing against each other, siblings are undeniably an important part of our formative years who continue to be tied close to our hearts despite all differences and distances.

When it comes to brother-sister relationship, nothing matches the eternal bond. Bhai Dooj, that falls immediately after Diwali pays honor to this beautiful relationship.

So, what are your plans for this Bhai Dooj?

Make it a memorable one by adding some flavors to your celebration.

Pitaara brings to you a delightful assortment of snacks and namkeens that will add yum-fun factor to your whole celebrations. Try Khatta meetha, aloo bhujia, potato chips and more to cherish the moments with your much loved sister or brother. Available in a variety of flavors, each snack is made from choicest of ingredients that are sure to lift the experience by a notch.

Cheer up your Loved Ones with Pitaara Snacks!

  • Khatta Meetha

    Variety is the spice of life and this mouthwatering snack rightly proves it. Made from a variety of ingredients of different tastes and textures, Khatta Meetha is a complete treat to the tastebuds. Laced with sweet and sour flavors, this snack pack is just right to make your Bhai Dooj moments more special!

  • Albela Aloo Bhujia

    This traditionally-honored snack is certainly the show stealer. Whether you serve it along with some deserts or offer it as a gift, it’s going to add that extra zing to your festivities. So, try the tasty Albela aloo bhujia this Bhai Dooj and get super charged for the rave-up!

  • Navrang

    Spiced to perfection, this lip-smacking savory is crunchy and full of flavors. Serve it with a glass of cold drink cold drink, nimbu pani or a cup of hot tea and relish the experience of good company with good munch!

  • Chipseez

    Chips have always wooed kids and youngsters alike. With Pitaara Chipseez re-create the magic of your childhood days. Crispy and yummy, each pack is loaded with distinct flavors that will take you back to your good old times when sharing a single pack of chips with your siblings was annoying.

Pitaara understands what it takes to spark up special moments with your loved ones. Our luscious range of namkeen snacks is created with love and care so that your family moments become more meaningful and memorable. This Bhai Dooj don’t just reminisce about your past but brace up for some real fun.

Explore the world of flavors with Pitaara and spread the joy of togetherness like never before!