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A flavored joy for you, on the occasion of the “FESTIVAL OF COLOURS”

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival. Based on mythology, it signifies the triumph of good over evil. Based on seasons, Holi celebrates the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It marks the beginning of new harvest season. Flowers, trees start blooming and nature becomes colourful.

Holi is celebrated on full moon night of Phalguna. People light large bonfires. They get together around the bonfire, pray for social wellbeing and peace and offer coconut to the fire. This custom represents the end of evil, cruel tendencies. The next day is celebrated with colors. This festival involves smearing each other with colours irrespective of their social stature, caste and creed and thus, emphasizes equality among the people. This festival is celebrated through- out the country. In some regions, colours are replaced by dirt. The methods may differ from region to region, but the essence remains the same. The simple logic behind these traditions is to make way for all bad emotions so that only the positive and good ones stay with us.

People meet together for Holi celebration and organize parties for friends and relatives. Our Indian festivals are characterized by authentic and elaborate food culture. Each Indian festival is celebrated with traditional food preparations in the kitchen of every household. For Holi, sweets like Gujia, Ras Malai, Puranpoli, are prepared and savored. Thus, celebration is not complete without tasty food. Holi is little bit different too. Though traditional, it has a unique, mischievous fun element in it. Thandai and Bhang also are a part of celebrating this colorful and flavorful festival. The whole atmosphere is full of fun, frolic and feasts.

Holi provides a festive occasion to meet others, play, laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. Our delicious snacks are a must in these special bonding moments.



The essence of Holi is captured in this namkeen snack. It’s a spicy mixture with crunchy peanuts, loved by all, young and old. Your Holi get together will be an instant hit with servings of Navrang. With summer being just round the corner, cold drinks can add to the flavor.


These are coated peanuts with black pepper seasoning. Black pepper makes the peanuts’ taste, twice as delicious. You will be mesmerized by its magical taste. These are inevitable in your Holi bash especially where thandai or bhang is being served.


Just as Holi is a combination of tradition and fun, Crispy Chana dal is healthy and tasty too. This snack is rich in protein. Lentils keep the stomach full for a long time. The crispness of the Kurkura Chana Dal is blended with tangy and spicy flavours. These are perfect to be relished intermittently during the colour bash with your friends.


Crispy and flavorful potato chips always make you wish for more. Any gathering, party, or celebration is guaranteed to be a delicious experience with this stuff. Be sure to share the Chipseez Zippy Masala with your friends, this Holi. The late night fun with friends after the bonfire will be doubled with these, for sure.

Celebrate this Holi with our most delicious PITAARA snacks and make your festival special, like never before. WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY HOLI AND RANG PANCHAMI


Women's Day - Pitaara

Women’s Day special

International women’s day is a global day to celebrate the existence of a woman. It is a day to highlight woman empowerment. It is a day to remind ourselves that woman are also torch bearers of family traditions and family names are brought to limelight because of them.

They say woman is a complex emotional structure which is very difficult to understand. Woman is characterized by a soft heart, however, she can work really hard to achieve her goals. She is emotionally vulnerable, however, she can be as strong as iron in decision making. She seems to be confused sometimes, however, she is sorted in thoughts regarding what she wants to do. She can break the boundaries by remaining in her disciplinary and cultural boundaries. Woman is a beauty in paradox. With all her virtues and vices, she is the essence of the family. A family is never complete without a woman. Family members are mentally at peace as they know that the woman of the family can single handedly manages the affairs of the house.

History tells that role of women was limited to household chores, kids and cooking. However, over the years, they have come a long way. The role has undergone a progressive change. Women are excelling in all fields. They have achieved laurels in sports, science, business, agriculture, art and literature, military etc. So much so that today, a woman is a finance minister of our country. Such is the journey of woman. However, cooking is one thing which is very close to heart of every woman. The authentic and traditional tastes keep passing on from grandmother to mother and further to her daughter just like heirlooms. The motherly love that goes in to the preparations adds a homely and a warm flavor to food. They are particular about the ingredients, tastes, aroma, and nutritious values in a food item.

Women are in control of their family’s food habits and health, but it is time to let themselves loose and surrender to their food temptation. Pitaara brings different snacks that invite guilt free indulgence. All these snacks seem to have authentic flavors from our grandma’s spice jar.


This snack is a spicy mixture having a different taste and crunch of peanuts. It can be enjoyed by all family members young and old alike in a family get together. It can be had along with hot
samosas. The lingering taste will add flavour to the lingering memory of the get together.


This a simple snack of roasted peanuts. It doesn’t disturb the particular health consciousness of women and one doesn’t have to give a second thought before relishing them. They can add flavour to bhel, chaat, poha and many other dishes. They can also give a good company on solo trips.


Just like the women are, these chips are sweet and at the same time tangy. They are super crunchy and can be served in kitty parties with tea. They go well as a side dish to Burgers and
sandwiches. This snack will no doubt earn praise and put you above other ladies at the party.