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Mother’s Day

What was the first word we said after our births? Yes, it was “Maa.” Who is the most special person in our life? Yes, It’s Maa. Who endures our tantrums for our whole life? Yes, It’s our Maa. And who is our all-time favourite cook in the world? Of course, it’s Maa.

We have no identity without our Mother, rather we wouldn’t exist. Their fondness and care pamper us for our whole life. She doesn’t distinguish her adorability towards her son and daughter. She never asks for anything in return for her unconditional love.

A Mother is a real-life Wonder Woman who does a lot of magic in her kid’s life. From the time of conception, she builds a divine relationship as a mother and encourages us. However, a mother always shows good ways of behaving and principles for her little ones. It is true that behind every successful human being, there is a woman. And yes, she is called MOTHER.

It is necessary to greet her with gifts and surprises. However, we can make a variety of food for her and at least give her a break for this special day. The word mother is enough to bring smiles and positive energy to many! From infancy to the last breath, mother’s love and care make her special in everyone’s life. She is motivated by failure and shows the right path to lead a successful life.

She is like a queen without a crown! Her family is her kingdom, and members of the family are her people. She cares and strives to give the best to everyone at the house. She always stands up to make a special moment for us and invariably does something unique to gather our Khazaana, Khaas Palon Ka. The Father-child bond gels much later, while the mother-children relationship begins when the baby opens its eyes and sees the mother first. Her love for the little ones is beyond the skies, and her care is far deep under the ocean.

In recognition of her support and love, the 8th of May of every year celebrates Mother’s Day. Nowadays, many people celebrate this day just for a social media or WhatsApp post, but many do not know how emotional the reason for celebrating Mother’s Day is.

On this day every Son and Daughter should prepare something to make this day special and memorable for her. Our Mothers should know how special they are to us. Mother’s Day should be a memorable celebration for her.

Let’s celebrate a special day of our Mothers with Pitaara. Let every mother know how special she is to us. Let’s remember all the ‘Khaas Pal’ spent with Mother. Share this blog along with your Mother and don’t forget to tell her about the cherished ‘Khazaana Khaas Palon Ka’ with her.


Chipseez Sizzling Chinese….. The Taste Of China, Made In India

We are always in love with Continental and Intercontinental tastes. When you want to eat something spicy and different than the usual meal, you can cross all the boundaries, or sure you
do it. Then you want to eat something spicy and different than the usual meal. So, it doesn’t matter that you have to follow your diet for exercise or prescribed by your doctor. You eat it

Indian food is famous all over the world, like biryani. But with a slight change in the taste of everyday Indian food and for a different taste, Chinese and Italian food has been widely eaten
in India for the last few years. And as we all know, the Chinese food is a bit more famous than any other continental and intercontinental food. Because of the reasonable price for each type
of Chinese dishes, and most importantly the variety with its mouth-watering tastes. As much as Chinese food is available in different ways, it has a unique aroma that draws you to every
Chinese restaurant or stall hotel.

According to a survey conducted in India in the year 2018, Chinese food is as most preferable food of the Indian people, which is the most widely, consumed food in India at any time of eating. The prime reason for this popularity is the mixtures of Chinese spices blends of sauces and their unique aromatic tastes. China has an incredible history of food culture dating

back to the time of the first modern civilization. An important part of their heritage is their food which became the most effective food in the world.

In terms of food culture, China is one of the largest and most influential cuisines in the world. The History of their cuisine in China and the changes in their tradition, medicine, growth,
and fashion has had an impact on the creation of new food recipes. There are very few continental types of foods in the world, which are known for their fragrant taste along with
their delicious taste. One of them is Chinese food. The variety of sauces and chutneys in Chinese cuisines give them a special taste. The Chinese are just as good at snacks as they are at
basic foods. The way they use red-green chilies, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, and cabbages with Chinese spices is tastefully palatable. We invariably go for Fried Rice, Noodles, Momos, Crispy,
Chili, Soups, Manchurians, Lollypops and a variety of Chinese dishes. Each of these items has a unique and mouth-watery taste that we love to eat often.


This is why Pitaara is presenting to you, a new flavour in the treasure of your chips that will give you an experience of an aromatic Chinese taste. To double the enjoyment of your



The taste of Sizzling Chinese chips will give you a unique mouth-watering treat. We always take care of your habit of tasting different flavors. This is probably the first time that potato
chips with special blends of Chinese spices have been invented. Be sure to let us know about your experience with this flavour.

Chopsticks se khao ya Fingertips se…. Sizzling Chinese Ka Mazaa Dono Me Ayega


My chai is incomplete, if I don’t get it with…

Chai (Tea) is a part of the Indian Culture since ages. Our mornings are incomplete without a hot cup of chai and a newspaper. It is a hot aromatic beverage which is consumed in almost all the households in our country. Furthermore, it is an important element of Indian hospitality. Quite often, guests were invited at home for chai and are offered chai and snacks in many households. Chai along with some tasty, crispy snacks almost completes the old traditional emotion of Atithee Devo Bhav.

Employees excuse themselves from work for a sip of chai and some munching. The break of a few minutes is rejuvenating. People, who are into a physical activity, get energy through a cutting chai and some biscuits. Ladies organize chai parties for fun. Chai, accompanied by some namkeen and gossips is entertaining without any doubt. A chai date, which is combination of perfect ambience and food, can help to start a new relationship or mend your old relationships. Chai with bun maska is a must for the youngsters who meet up for chit chatting at street corners or senior citizens at Irani Cafes. A lot can happen over a cup of tea and plate of crispy snacks. This combination is not only a custom, it is an emotion. There is a lot of warmth and energy in it.

Formal meetings where important business deals are closed follow the afternoon tea culture. Afternoon tea culture was started by British where tea is served accompanied by some tea time snacks. It is served somewhere between Lunch time and evening time. Chai is a mixture of various authentic spices like elaichi, ginger, cardamom, cloves etc. When this spicy and flavored beverage is had along with some namkeen, nuts, wafers etc, it gives lingering taste. There are so many events or occasions which are incomplete without our chai. However, my chai is incomplete without Pitaara snacks like Punjabi Tadka, Anytime Murmura, Masala Chips, Bikaneri Bhujia and many more. My chai and Pitaara snacks is definitely a tasteful combination.

Punjabi Tadka: Zesty flavors are the speciality of Punjabi Tadka. One cannot miss the texture and crunch of this snack. The taste is really different and your guests will definitely love to have it along with customary chai. This snack can also be paired with milk shake, lassi and fresh fruit juices.

Masala Chips: They can add to the excitement of the chai break. The spicy element of this snack will tempt you to have more and more. Munching on some chips along with chai will no doubt reduce the work related stress.

Bikaneri Bhujia: This is a super crispy, crunchy, spicy namkeen. This snack adds taste to the traditional foods like poha, upma etc. The combination is loved by young and old alike. Bikaneri Bhujia along with hot sweet chai, creates a delicious contrast which completely satisfies your taste buds.

Anytime Murmura: While having fun with friends, this snack cannot be missed out. It is a hit because of its simplicity. Just like a simple chai can create wonders to your mood, Anytime Murmura too elevates your mood. It consists of light weight puffed rice which is healthy too. One can make it chatpata by adding raw mango, coriander leaves and green chillies. Chai and Anytime Murmura is definitely a workable combination.

A flavored joy for you, on the occasion of the “FESTIVAL OF COLOURS”

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival. Based on mythology, it signifies the triumph of good over evil. Based on seasons, Holi celebrates the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It marks the beginning of new harvest season. Flowers, trees start blooming and nature becomes colourful.

Holi is celebrated on full moon night of Phalguna. People light large bonfires. They get together around the bonfire, pray for social wellbeing and peace and offer coconut to the fire. This custom represents the end of evil, cruel tendencies. The next day is celebrated with colors. This festival involves smearing each other with colours irrespective of their social stature, caste and creed and thus, emphasizes equality among the people. This festival is celebrated through- out the country. In some regions, colours are replaced by dirt. The methods may differ from region to region, but the essence remains the same. The simple logic behind these traditions is to make way for all bad emotions so that only the positive and good ones stay with us.

People meet together for Holi celebration and organize parties for friends and relatives. Our Indian festivals are characterized by authentic and elaborate food culture. Each Indian festival is celebrated with traditional food preparations in the kitchen of every household. For Holi, sweets like Gujia, Ras Malai, Puranpoli, are prepared and savored. Thus, celebration is not complete without tasty food. Holi is little bit different too. Though traditional, it has a unique, mischievous fun element in it. Thandai and Bhang also are a part of celebrating this colorful and flavorful festival. The whole atmosphere is full of fun, frolic and feasts.

Holi provides a festive occasion to meet others, play, laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. Our delicious snacks are a must in these special bonding moments.



The essence of Holi is captured in this namkeen snack. It’s a spicy mixture with crunchy peanuts, loved by all, young and old. Your Holi get together will be an instant hit with servings of Navrang. With summer being just round the corner, cold drinks can add to the flavor.


These are coated peanuts with black pepper seasoning. Black pepper makes the peanuts’ taste, twice as delicious. You will be mesmerized by its magical taste. These are inevitable in your Holi bash especially where thandai or bhang is being served.


Just as Holi is a combination of tradition and fun, Crispy Chana dal is healthy and tasty too. This snack is rich in protein. Lentils keep the stomach full for a long time. The crispness of the Kurkura Chana Dal is blended with tangy and spicy flavours. These are perfect to be relished intermittently during the colour bash with your friends.


Crispy and flavorful potato chips always make you wish for more. Any gathering, party, or celebration is guaranteed to be a delicious experience with this stuff. Be sure to share the Chipseez Zippy Masala with your friends, this Holi. The late night fun with friends after the bonfire will be doubled with these, for sure.

Celebrate this Holi with our most delicious PITAARA snacks and make your festival special, like never before. WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY HOLI AND RANG PANCHAMI


Women's Day - Pitaara

Women’s Day special

International women’s day is a global day to celebrate the existence of a woman. It is a day to highlight woman empowerment. It is a day to remind ourselves that woman are also torch bearers of family traditions and family names are brought to limelight because of them.

They say woman is a complex emotional structure which is very difficult to understand. Woman is characterized by a soft heart, however, she can work really hard to achieve her goals. She is emotionally vulnerable, however, she can be as strong as iron in decision making. She seems to be confused sometimes, however, she is sorted in thoughts regarding what she wants to do. She can break the boundaries by remaining in her disciplinary and cultural boundaries. Woman is a beauty in paradox. With all her virtues and vices, she is the essence of the family. A family is never complete without a woman. Family members are mentally at peace as they know that the woman of the family can single handedly manages the affairs of the house.

History tells that role of women was limited to household chores, kids and cooking. However, over the years, they have come a long way. The role has undergone a progressive change. Women are excelling in all fields. They have achieved laurels in sports, science, business, agriculture, art and literature, military etc. So much so that today, a woman is a finance minister of our country. Such is the journey of woman. However, cooking is one thing which is very close to heart of every woman. The authentic and traditional tastes keep passing on from grandmother to mother and further to her daughter just like heirlooms. The motherly love that goes in to the preparations adds a homely and a warm flavor to food. They are particular about the ingredients, tastes, aroma, and nutritious values in a food item.

Women are in control of their family’s food habits and health, but it is time to let themselves loose and surrender to their food temptation. Pitaara brings different snacks that invite guilt free indulgence. All these snacks seem to have authentic flavors from our grandma’s spice jar.


This snack is a spicy mixture having a different taste and crunch of peanuts. It can be enjoyed by all family members young and old alike in a family get together. It can be had along with hot
samosas. The lingering taste will add flavour to the lingering memory of the get together.


This a simple snack of roasted peanuts. It doesn’t disturb the particular health consciousness of women and one doesn’t have to give a second thought before relishing them. They can add flavour to bhel, chaat, poha and many other dishes. They can also give a good company on solo trips.


Just like the women are, these chips are sweet and at the same time tangy. They are super crunchy and can be served in kitty parties with tea. They go well as a side dish to Burgers and
sandwiches. This snack will no doubt earn praise and put you above other ladies at the party.

Month of love - Pitaara

Gifting Happiness in the Month of Love

“Love Is When The Other Person’s Happiness Is More Important Than Your Happiness.”- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Love and happiness go hand-in-hand. We like to see our loved one happy and we are ready to do anything for their happiness. Preparing cup of tea for your tired parents, a pat on the back to your friend who is feeling low or a flower to your wife to make her feel special are some simple ways to spread happiness.

Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. It’s a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. It can be motherly love, sibling love, deep friendship or a romantic commitment between a couple. Love is actually boundless but it creates a long lasting bond for sure.

Relationships can be complex. Every relationship has its own special moments. Some are are spicy, some are crisp, and some are sweet. A relationship becomes soulful, ripe and has a lingering taste with a combination of all these.

It is said that the way to reach someone’s heart is through his/her stomach. There is no greater joy than sharing a favourite snack or a dish with your loved one.

Beautiful weather, favourite destination, company of a loved one, soothing music is a formula that doesn’t fail in creating a perfect love ambience. Nothing but Pitaara Snacks will add the right flavor to this ambience. Similarly, a lot can be talked over, with tasty crunchy snacks and tea by your side. Lot of sharing takes place. Food is the catalyst to this whole process of love for sure.

So, PITAARA is always ready to serve you some amazing snacks which work well for different moods and moments.


Love is soothing but cannot be complete without cute little fights between couples. This snack has Sweet and Sour flavors. Combination of both these flavors and a garnish of pistachios makes it tempting and tasty. This delightful snack gives you a merry mood. It’s a good mood changer when served along with an apology.


Just as every relationship is a mixture of emotions, this crunchy breakfast is made with a yummy blend of potatoes, raisins, and peanuts. The mild Sweetness that it has, energizes you and keeps your bad mood at bay. Various fruits can be relished along with this snack. Especially if you are observing a fast for your loved one.


Sweet and spicy mixed potato chips are a favorite of any age, and you can eat them anytime. This yummy combination is always mouth-watering. Don’t forget to try these tasty chips with a cold drink or juice this season.


Pizza is always a deliciously unique taste for all of us. Chipseez Delicious Pizza is a popular treat among all pizza lovers. You do not have to wait for 30 minutes to get your pizza. It is a delicious way to cheer up your upset companion. That too in a matter of seconds. Besides, it also has a crunch of wafers, which will leave you and your companion craving for more.


Crispy potato chips with a perfect salty taste is a snack that swings your mood so positively. Truly Salted is a basic but very delicious favorite snack that is famous world-wide. These chips go well with tea, juice, coffee or any brew; and never let you down when it comes to pepping up your partner’s mood.

5 Indian Snacks You Can Munch On A Road Trip

5 Indian Snacks You Can Munch On A Road Trip

A long empty road, your favorite people with you & something tasty to munch on the way. A dream come true, right? In today’s hectic life, a getaway or a one-day road trip is like a much-needed break from the monotony of life and works as a stress buster. Remember when we were little, our moms always used to carry a dabba of snacks to munch on the way? I am sure all of you must reminisce about those good times while travelling just like I do. Having something delicious to munch on while on a road trip is like the cherry on top of the cake. There are a variety of options available when it comes to travel snacks. Here are a few of them:

Chipseez Delicious Pizza Chips

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of snacks is Chips, right? Crispy, cheesy & just the right amount of tangy, Chipseez Delicious Pizza Chips is a snack that never fails to satisfy the taste buds. Easy to carry around in a car or in public transport, it is the perfect travel snack you need for your trip!

Zesty Pudina

The Zesty Pudina chips are nothing that satisfies your craving for taste other than some zingy pudina chips! Crunchy chips that pack a minty punch taste, are your perfect companions for the trip. Feeling tired after a long driving session? Get refreshed with the cool lime flavor in the Chipseez Zesty Pudina Chips!

Sev Murmura

Sometimes it is best to go back to the basics. Sev Murmura is like that childhood friend with whom you’ll get along like a house on fire even if you meet them after a long time! The crispy and mildly flavored pairing of sev and murmura is healthy as well as filling. Pitaara’s sev murmura gives you an easy-breezy feeling making it a must carry for any trip.

Pakka Punjabi Tadka

Add some zing to your trip with Pitaara’s Pakka Punjabi Tadka. A crunchy snack with a zesty flavor, this snack really hits the sweet spot and is a perfect snack to keep you awake!

Laajawab All In One

Pamper yourself with a bit of every flavor all at once with Pitaara’s delicious snack Laajawab! A crunchy and tasty mix with cashews, raisins other tasty ingredients, this is a snack that goes well with everything in general. Maybe mix it up with some juice or milkshake and you’ve got a good meal on the go.

Snacking is an integral part of all your trips and any trip experience is incomplete without it. Pitaara is known for its wide variety of delicious snacks. With a diverse range of products, we have something for everyone’s taste and liking. For any future trips, make sure you take a Pitaara snack along! For more information about our products, log on to:


5 Things To Do Before The End of 2021

5 Things To Do Before The End of 2021

2021 is almost over. Another year has gone by with the dark shadow of Covid-19 still looming large on us. All of us have missed doing a lot of things we like due to the restrictions imposed during the pandemic. However, before we start 2022 with a fresh mindset, let us ring in this new year by doing some things which we’ve always wanted to do but never actually got a chance to try. Here are a few things you must do before you end this year:

  1. Take out some time for yourself

Take some time out to spend with yourself from your busy schedule. This will definitely help you gain some perspective & reflect on what you have done till now and what you would like to change going forward. It is important to spend time with yourself, relax and just enjoy your own company. Go on a solo trip, read your favorite books, watch your favorite movies, just do whatever makes you feel refreshed. Let your hair down and prepare yourself for the year to come.

  1. Celebrate your wins

Never forget to celebrate your wins. The past two years have been tough on all of us as many of us haven’t been able to reach our goals set for the year. However, let us keep our morale high by celebrating every victory, every little positive in our lives, and hope for a better year to come. Only you know how much you’ve struggled and you deserve a celebration even for the little things. This will help you stay positive and work harder for a bigger celebration!

  1. Reflect on your failures

Before we begin the new year, do take out some time to reflect on the year that has been and give some serious thought about why you had the failures you had. Taking time to think about your failures will help you gain a better perspective about the mistakes you made and how not to repeat them in the future. This will increase productivity and awareness about what not to do.

  1. De-clutter at least one area of your house

Clean the one area you have been procrastinating to do for a long time. You’ll be surprised as to how good you’ll feel once you’ve done it. Unknowingly that one dirty area in the house slowly starts adding guilt to your mind and you’ll suddenly feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders once you get that taken care of. Cleaning your house will also impart a certain sense of positivity and a clean frame of mind enabling you to welcome the new year with renewed zeal and vigor.

  1. Go on a food-binging spree!

And last but not least! Go on a food-binging spree in town. Pamper yourself with a bit of every flavor all at once with Pitaara’s delicious snack Laajawab! Try some new cuisines, rediscover some old ones and basically forget your diet plans for a week and have a gala time! Try a combination of some snacks like Bhujia Sev, Aloo Bhujia Namkeen, Coated Peanuts & other delicious snacks with different flavored milkshakes and juices. Trust us, it is a treat for the taste buds!

In conclusion, let us make a brand-new start for the year 2022, not before you do the above things though! Get along then!

Mast Mumbai Bhel

Spice up a bit in Mumbaiyya Style, Try Chatpata Mast Mumbai Bhel!

Mumbai, better known as Bombay, is the city that rules the hearts of millions. Tagged as one of the most populous cities in the world, Mumbai is also the land of aspirations, dreams, cuisines, and entertainment. Drawing people from different regions and backgrounds, this bustling city stands out owing to its diversity and vitality.

A lively city that never sleeps & embraces all with an open heart, Mumbai is enriched with diverse cultures, reflecting the true essence of Unity in diversity. The packed streets of Mumbai are the hot spots laced with intriguing stories of the past that mesmerize people. An unparallel setting for social interactions and a reflection of urban life, these casual-looking streets narrate more than what meets the eyes.

When talking of Mumbai, it’s hard to miss out on people’s passion for the local street fare. The streets are the hub of countless gastronomical delights and delicious snacks. Leading fast-paced lives, people here spend a significant time of their lives commuting and it’s the street food that keeps them going.

Varieties of fast-food snacks are easily available on the streets and beaches that fill the tummy of the commuters and energize them to move on. The street food culture of the city is embraced by a wide cross-section of the population ranging from office workers & students to daily wage laborers, businessmen, and more.

The mouthwatering snacks like vada pav, panipuri, bhelpuri, pav bhaji, missal pav are some of the signature items of Mumbai local fare that is heartily consumed by people. Ask any local person and you’ll get to know how passionate everyone is about the bhel puri chaat whipped by the chaat walas.

The colorful and tempting chaat is not just a treat to the eyes but also to the tastebuds. Mumbai bhel is just another quintessentially Mumbaiyya food that adds additional flavor to the platter is Mumbai bhel. Mumbai Bhel is a delectable mix of chosen ingredients dished up in one tempting package, Mumbai Bhel is something that no food enthusiast misses on.

The perfect spices, mild sweetness, and tangy crunch of the bhel make the beaches alive every night where locals come for a cool breeze. A quick munch of bhel lifts up their spirits and brings a smile to their faces.

Pitaara’s Mast Mumbai Bhel – A Snack that will leave you Drooling!

To give the Mumbaikars a perfect taste to relish, Pitaara has introduced to its range the yummy Mast Mumbai Bhel. Reflecting the mixed culture of the city, this savory is a yum pack of flavors. A mash-up of perfectly treated puffed rice, crunchy peanuts, dried dates, and more, the snack is a magic spell for snack lovers. With a sprinkle of sweet, sour, and spicy condiments, the appetizing bhel is a sheer delight to the tastebuds.

What makes this crunchy mix even more appealing is that you can add your twist to the snack. By using some finely chopped onions, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, and a dash of lemon juice you can turn it into an awesome chaat mix. What’s more, when paired up with some chutney like pudina chutney or tamarind chutney, this Mast Mumbai Bhel will spark up your snacking moment multifold.

A light and crunchy savory, it serves just the right mid-day munch or as an accompaniment to your evening tea times. When unexpected guests throng your place or there’s an impromptu house party, this Mast Mumbai Bhel from Pitaara can be your savior. So, get your pack of this amazing mix and brace up for some Mumbaiiyya style fun!

Other tasty snack additions from Pitaara

Pitaara brings to you some lip-smacking snacks and namkeens that can be enjoyed anywhere anytime. From mealtime treats to tea-time favorites, an assorted collection of Pitaara namkeens is an excellent choice for those who always yearn for scrumptious delights. Be it Chatpata Hing Chana, Bikaneri Bhujia, Mast Mumbai Bhel, Aloo bhujia, Moong daal, or Chipseez(the chips variants) every pack is brimming with flavors that are hard to resist. If you are a true snack lover, craving a yummy treat then Pitaara snacks are just the right pick for you!


This Bhai Dooj Rekindle the Bonds with Pitaara Snacks

This Bhai Dooj Rekindle the Bonds with Pitaara Snacks

Festivals and families are the two inseparable parts that portray India truly.

India has always been known as a land of festivals where each festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal. The beauty of these festivals lies not only in their relevance but also in the way they connect people. Bhai Dooj is one such festival that celebrates the lovely bond between brothers and sisters.

What is that one thing that brings a smile to your face when walking down memory lane?

Isn’t it the early memories with your siblings-the first friends& rivals?

Playing games together, sharing books and dresses, fighting over little issues, laughing at the silliest jokes and even competing against each other, siblings are undeniably an important part of our formative years who continue to be tied close to our hearts despite all differences and distances.

When it comes to brother-sister relationship, nothing matches the eternal bond. Bhai Dooj, that falls immediately after Diwali pays honor to this beautiful relationship.

So, what are your plans for this Bhai Dooj?

Make it a memorable one by adding some flavors to your celebration.

Pitaara brings to you a delightful assortment of snacks and namkeens that will add yum-fun factor to your whole celebrations. Try Khatta meetha, aloo bhujia, potato chips and more to cherish the moments with your much loved sister or brother. Available in a variety of flavors, each snack is made from choicest of ingredients that are sure to lift the experience by a notch.

Cheer up your Loved Ones with Pitaara Snacks!

  • Khatta Meetha

    Variety is the spice of life and this mouthwatering snack rightly proves it. Made from a variety of ingredients of different tastes and textures, Khatta Meetha is a complete treat to the tastebuds. Laced with sweet and sour flavors, this snack pack is just right to make your Bhai Dooj moments more special!

  • Albela Aloo Bhujia

    This traditionally-honored snack is certainly the show stealer. Whether you serve it along with some deserts or offer it as a gift, it’s going to add that extra zing to your festivities. So, try the tasty Albela aloo bhujia this Bhai Dooj and get super charged for the rave-up!

  • Navrang

    Spiced to perfection, this lip-smacking savory is crunchy and full of flavors. Serve it with a glass of cold drink cold drink, nimbu pani or a cup of hot tea and relish the experience of good company with good munch!

  • Chipseez

    Chips have always wooed kids and youngsters alike. With Pitaara Chipseez re-create the magic of your childhood days. Crispy and yummy, each pack is loaded with distinct flavors that will take you back to your good old times when sharing a single pack of chips with your siblings was annoying.

Pitaara understands what it takes to spark up special moments with your loved ones. Our luscious range of namkeen snacks is created with love and care so that your family moments become more meaningful and memorable. This Bhai Dooj don’t just reminisce about your past but brace up for some real fun.

Explore the world of flavors with Pitaara and spread the joy of togetherness like never before!

Double the Joy of Diwali Festivity with Pitaara Namkeen

Double the Joy of Diwali Festivity with Pitaara Namkeen!

Diwali is the time to celebrate, share and connect with your loved ones. Signifying light over darkness and hope over despair, Diwali is just the right occasion to make people feel special. What can be a better way to bond and spread happiness than gifting your friends and family something that would add up to their festive mood?

Given the market is flooded with myriad gifting options, ranging from sweets and snacks to dry fruits and chocolates, make a heartfelt choice that could convey your warmth to the recipient.

Are you confused over the selection of choices? Well, don’t wrack your brains, Pitaara offers you an awesome assortment of tasty snacks like bikaneri bhujia, aloo bhujia, chips and more that can serve as perfect Diwali gifts for your special ones.

Considering the emotions and love attached to the gifting tradition, Pitaara is introducing tempting offers on its snack packs that are sure to win you over. Flavors, jo apka ‘dil roshan kare’!

Amazing Diwali Gifting Options for you!

Here is a brief list that we’ve specially curated for your Diwali gifting:
1. Bikaneri bhujia: Light and flavorsome, Bikaneri Bhujia is an excellent gifting option that can be paired with other sweet packs. Pitaara’s potato-based bhujia sev is a sheer pleasure that can be relished as standalone snack or also as toppings to other savories like chaat and bhel to enhance the taste of the snack. And what better to take a break from all the Diwali sweets, with a twist of namkeen. Specially curated offer – with every 400gram pack, you get a 100 gm pack absolutely free. So, share the delight with your close family and friends and spark up their tastebuds!

2. Laajawab All in One: Why gift a separate box of dry fruits, sweets and namkeen to friends and family when you can gift them All-In-One! Tasty and crunchy, this snack is a delicious mix of cashews, raisins and other tantalizing ingredients. A wonderful munching snack, it’s a crowd-pleaser that none can resist. Make the most of the offers; buy a super saver pack & get 200gm free with 900gm pack of Pitaara Laajawab at a discounted rate of Rs. 195. This is not all; the brand is all geared to make this Diwali really special by offering you a free airtight storage container on purchase of a combo pack of Bikaneri Bhujia & Laajawab All in one (400gms each).

3. Chipseez: Finding the perfect munching snack for your Diwali Parties and for all the Poker Games? Chipseez are the ultimate munching delights that elevate the fun quotient. Available in different 7 flavors like classic potato chips, tangy tomato chips, zesty pudina chips and more, the crunchy potato snack – Chipseez are an attractive gifting option to consider this Diwali. Share 20% extra happiness this Diwali by gifting 20% extra chips in every Rs. 10 Chipseez pack. Create memorable moments by gifting Chipseez along with a chocolate pack!

Embark on the flavorful journey with Pitaara and share the happiness with your dear ones. Pitaara not only offers you the opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your loved ones but also allows you to connect with some noble causes. For every purchase festive offer, the Pitaara brand donates a certain amount to Covid Care and Bal Kalyan Sanstha to make Diwali special for everyone.

Amidst the beauty of fireworks and lights, open your heart to express your emotions and make a difference. Rekindle the bond of togetherness; opt for Pitaara snacks, a range of time-honored Indian snacks with novelty. Get your gift pack of bhujia sev, cream and onion chips, khatta meetha namkeen, Navrang etc to double the joy of giving this Diwali.

Nothing can be more beautiful than spreading the message of love and togetherness and inspiring others to do the same. Partner with Pitaara this Diwali and be the reason for someone’s happiness and smile!

Pitaara’s Navratri Special Falahari Namkeens is here to Spark up your Festive Mood!

The festive time of Navratri is here once again and people are all geared to surrender themselves to the devotion of Goddess Durga. Marking the victory of good over evil, the festival is celebrated across the length and breadth of India with a lot of enthusiasm. From Punjab, Haryana & Delhi to UP, Bihar and West Bengal, every region has its own Navratri festive flavor!

Believed to bring prosperity, health and wisdom in the lives of the devotees, Navratri, is observed for nine nights wherein every night a different avatar of Goddess Durga is worshipped. The auspicious festival is associated with some beautiful rituals, traditions and customs that bind our country together.

Fasting is an important aspect of Navratri festival and a way of showing devotion to the divine. However, cutting down on the routine diet is challenging. Light snacks and munching tidbits like falahari namkeen, falhaari chivda, saboodana snacks etc. along with the main course keep the spirits high.

Significance of Navratri

Navratri symbolizes the nine long days that Goddess Durga fought the battle with demon king ‘Mahishasura’, eventually killing him. The nine nights are dedicated to different forms of the divine feminine principle or the shakti.

Navratri is also special as it sets the beginning of the festival season in India. It is followed by Dussehra, Diwali and Bhai Dooj, the most revered and celebrated festivals of India.

Navratri in true sense is the time to rejuvenate body and mind. Fasting, meditation and other spiritual practices help to shed off the year-long tiredness and restore mental peace. Sattvic diet and regular meditation is believed to have a great detox impact on body & mind.

Pitaara Snacks that can keep you rejuvenated during Navratri!

Pitaara brings for its customers a delightful and refreshing assortment of snacks to enliven your moments. Ranging from tantalizing mixtures and namkeens to classy potato chips, Pitaara’s treasure chest has something for all occasions and moments.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the world of Pitaara snacks and pick something that could perfectly complement your Navratri diet.

  • Saras falahari teekha

This is an Upwas special snack made of potatoes, raisins, and peanuts. With a perfect blend of sweet and spice, the savory is marked with an amazing touch of curry leaf flavor. This tasty snack will keep you going as you continue with your fasting routine. Pair it up with chai or coffee and experience the delight like never before!

  • Saras falahari meetha

For those who crave for something sweet, this is just the best snack to count on. Crispy and sweet, the Falahari Meetha melts in your mouth, leaving a sweet lingering taste. A blessing for fasting days, it’s a must-have item for your Navaratri savoury list.

  • Salted peanuts

This humble yet wholesome snack is just the right appetizer to bank on for your Navratri days. The versatile peanuts can also be used to pep up your other snack varieties. Add it to falahari chivda, saboodana kichdi, bhel etc and explore the world of flavors.

To enjoy this Navratri season and the following festivities to the fullest, keep yourself perked up. Partner with Pitaara namkeen snacks and titbits to dial-up energy and make your divine and joyful journey more cherishable!


Experience the Yum-Fun of Snacking with Chatpata Pitaara Legume Snacks

Experience the Yum-Fun of Snacking with Chatpata Pitaara Legume Snacks

When it comes to delightful snack varieties, none can miss out on the yummy legume-based savories. Whether you are enjoying a hot cup of tea with family or lazying around with friends; snacks such as moong daal, coated peanuts or hing chana etc are just the right accompaniments to set the mood.

Enjoying a sizeable share in the namkeen snacks market, these tidbits can be relished as a standalone snack or even used as the base ingredient for other creative savory recipes.

India being a land of diverse regions and cultures renders greater variety to our taste palettes. Be it main cuisines, deserts or even snacks, a mélange of flavors ensures there’s something for all. Talking of the namkeen and snack assortments, the use of varying seasonings and spices opens up the gate for a flavorful journey for snack lovers.

Pitaara is one brand that has been offering lip-smacking and luscious snacks that are hard to resist. Having proven its mark in the snack industry, the company continues to woo foodies with its incredible array of namkeens and snacks including bikaneri bhujia, aloo bhujia, moong daal, sev murmure and more.

As legume-based snacks gain popularity amongst snacking enthusiasts, Pitaara brings to you an appetizing range of ready-to-munch legume snacks. Inspired by diverse flavors and tastes, these savories are sure to kick things up a notch.

If you are a gastronome, passionate about snacking, then curated below is a list of Pitaara snacks that are a must-try for you.

Give yourself an awesome treat with Pitaara’s range of legume snacks

1. Hing Chana: Made from roasted chana, this quintessentially Indian snack is an all-time favorite of most Indian families. Pitaara gives a delightful twist to this namkeen with a tinge of asafoetida (hing) and a tangy flavor with a special masala mix. Filling and tasty, the hing chana is a crowd-pleaser that your snacking list should not give a miss.

2. Coated peanuts: Spiced to perfection, coated peanuts are yummy snacking options that will satiate your state buds. Be it the regular snack time or an impromptu get-together, Pitaara nutty tasty coated peanuts are sure to amp up your moments.

3. Salted peanuts: When you want to experience the inherent deliciousness of peanuts, try Pitaara salted peanuts. Seasoned with salt, each bite will make your munching indulgence flavorful. For snack lovers who like to explore, these versatile peanuts can be clubbed with other savories too like bhel, chaat, poha etc.

4. Moong Daal: Whether its mid-meal hunger pangs or late-night munching cravings, moong daal namkeen is the perfect snack to gorge on. Mildly flavored and light on tummy, this snack will delight your tastebuds without making you feel too full. What’s more, create your own magic recipe with moong daal by adding onion, tomatoes, coriander leaves and lemon juice to it and relish the chatpata mix.

5. Chataake Shing: Absolutely tempting, this crunchy titbit is certainly one of the best variants you’ve ever had. If you want to treat your tastebuds with a fulfilling savoury, then you must go for it. Don’t forget to share with your friends and loved ones to experience the fun of togetherness.

To take your snacking imagination to the next level, try Pitaara legume-based snack assortment. Brimming with flavors, these tidbits and namkeen mixture will lift your spirits and leave you asking for more. So, what are you waiting for, get your pack of Pitaara and spice up your snacking moments!

Choose Luscious Pitaara Snacks this Ganesh Chaturthi

Choose Luscious Pitaara Snacks to Make this Ganesh Chaturthi Even More Special!

The time is flying by fast and once again we’ve reached the exciting part of the year when we welcome Ganesh Chaturthi with full gusto. The festive mood fills the air as people brace themselves for the much-awaited festival. Marking the birth of Lord Ganesha- symbolic of new beginning and fresh start, this auspicious occasion is something we look forward to eagerly every year.

Conducting poojas at home and societies, decorating homes, visiting pandals and inviting friends and families over delicious snacks, Ganesh Chaturthi has never been a festival of subtleties. Despite Covid 19 limiting our celebrations – with no elaborate pandals, huge processions and grand visarjans, there is simply no dearth of excitement amongst the devotees.

The unbridled joy and positivity continues to touch every heart across the country. Pitaara too feels the connection and hence, brings to you a wide range of mouth-watering namkeen snacks and tit bits to add to the festive fervor.

About Ganesh Chaturthi

Celebrated in the honour of the beloved elephant-headed God, Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. An important festival of Hindus, it celebrated with much grandeur –massive idols are crafted and put up at temples and pandals for worshipping, people from all walks of life gather to pay homage to their idols, there’s music, dance and lot more happenings everywhere. The closing of the festival is marked by immersing of the Ganesh idols in water, known as visarjan.

Celebrated every year in mid of August & September months, the festival lasts for around ten days. Though it’s a Hindu festival celebrated across the country, certain regions are more pompous in terms of celebrations. The most extravagant and impressive ceremonies take place in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

How to make your Ganesh Chaturthi more special with Pitaara?

No festival is complete without yummy savories and delicacies. So, how can we miss out this factor when it comes to the festival marked with boundless zeal and energy?

Whip up some delicious sweets at home and pair it up with yummy Pitaara namkeens. Be it jalebis, modaks or other deserts you are fond of, make sure you don’t fall short on spicy and tantalizing snacks to strike the balance.

1. Khatta Meetha : A perfect blend of sweet and sour flavors, Khaata Meetha snack is just the right snack to get you in a merry mood. Delightfully crunchy and flavorsome, the savory when added to your serving tray along with tea, coffee or juice will surely bring smiles to your guests.

2. Navarang : Kick start your party with friends and family with delectable navrang mixture. A spicy snack with crunchy peanuts, this namkeen will ignite the tastebuds and stir up the festive spirit. Team up with lip-smacking rasgulla or modak and have a fabulous time this Ganesh Chaturthi!

3. Laajawaab All in one Mixture: With cashews, raisins and blend of other yummy ingredients, this tasty mix offers you riot of flavors. Whether you want to offer delectable experience to your guest or wish to present something yummy to a host friend, Laajawab mix is just the right option to go for!

Besides the array of interesting namkeen mixture there are also scrummy ChipseeZ assortment that can add bling to your festive enthusiasm. Available in different flavors – truly salted chips, zesty pudina chips, peppy cream and onion chips and zingy tomato chips, the Pitaara chips collection is a must-have to your snacking treat.

So, what are you waiting for! Gear up for the upcoming festival and let your spirit soar high. Give yourself and home the festive makeover and set the stage for fun. As your prep goes full swing don’t forget to upgrade your snack kitty. Try Pitaara snacks and namkeens to make it more happening.

Top 5 Pitaara Snacks That You Can’t Give a Miss!

Top 5 Pitaara Snacks That You Can’t Give a Miss!

India is a land of rich food culture that strongly believes people who eat together stay together. Hence, meal time and tea time are seen as moments for sharing and strengthening bonds.

Since last year, with pandemic hitting us hard, the snacking habit has taken a completely new level. Be it work from home professionals or students attending classes on line, munching time in between breaks or while unwinding with family members has become a routine of every family life. No wonder, snacking has turned into a big trend, paving the way for new players/brands to enter the market.

The good part of this expanding market is that you get to explore a wider range of varieties and flavors. What’s more, you can have it all at your doorstep! With access to online deliveries, you can easily fill your snack cabinet with your favorite namkeen snacks and embark on flavorful journey whenever you feel like.

Amidst the crowd, Pitaara is one brand that is making its mark and winning hearts with its yummy and flavor-packed snack varieties. With finger on the snacking pulse of the nation, we have come up with delicious savories and namkeens that are perfect for celebrating every mood and occasion.

If you are looking for fun-filled and wholesome snacking experience, opt for Pitaara range. Offering a world of lip smacking snacks and namkeens, with Pitaara kitty there can never be a dull moment.

To know what the brand has in store for you lets dive into some of its mouth-watering offerings. Here is a list of popular snacks from Pitaara that are attracting raving reviews and hence a must-try for all foodies!

Top 5 Pitaara Snack Variants that you Gotta Try!

1.Truly Salted Chips: The delightful Chipseez assortment brings to you crunchy potato chips with explosion of taste with every bite. An excellent munching option, it’s sure to enliven your snacking moments. Catching up with old buddies at home or hanging around with your fun mates, a pack of Pitaara salted chips can stir up some real fun.

2.Albela Aloo Bhujia: Longing for something exciting to tantalize your taste buds? Albela aloo bhujia is just the right match! Whether you team it up with sweet chai or hot cup of coffee, this refreshing tit bit will add extra flavorful punch to your relaxed moments and set the mood right!

3.Bikaneri Bhujia: Nothing can beat the pleasure of sipping steaming cup of tea with loved ones. Does that ring your bell? Well, pairing tea with crispy and crunchy bikaneri bhujia sev can make your special moments lot more enjoyable. So, get your hands on this irresistible pack of namkeen and spark up the fun!

4.Any time Sev Murmura: When hit with unscheduled hunger pangs treat yourself with a bowl of Pitaara anytime sev murmura. Perfect by itself, this mix of puffed rice and sev can be given a scrummy twist by adding chopped onion, tomatoes, some chilli and lemon juice. Try it the way you want and give your tastebud and tummy the flavourful ride they yearn for!

Absolutely appetising, this crunchy tit bit is one of the best variants you’ve ever had. Wait no longer; order your pack of Pitaara moong dal namkeen and relish the mild yet fulfilling savoury. Share with your friends and loved ones and feel the pleasure of real happiness!

To explore more about Pitaara tasty collection visit the site

Secret to Building Special Bonds Chipseez – Dosti ka Naya Funda

Secret to Building Special Bonds Chipseez – Dosti ka Naya Funda

When it comes to packaged snacks, potato chips are the clear winner for many. Crispy, Crunchy, and flavorful it’s a perfect munching snack that foodies vouch for.

If you’re one to venture outside the original flavor profile, chances are high you’re a peppy-cream-and-onion lover, a tomato tangy fan or maybe a cheesy-chip devotee. Well, whichever flavor you choose to gorge on, picking the right brand can certainly pep up your fun moments.

The ChipseeZ from Pitaara is just the perfect choice for those who do not settle for anything less than outstanding. We offer a delectable range of potato chips that has already won many hearts. Try pitaara’s mouthwatering and delightfully crunchy potato chips to experience riot of flavors. With each flavor infused with remarkably different taste, you get to choose packs as per your mood.

Whether you are watching your favorite movie, playing video or board games or enjoying outdoor activity, with ChipseeZ around there can be no bland moments.

When talking of joyful moments of life can we miss out friends? That’s a no for sure! In fact, no fun moment is complete without friends, gossips and some crunchy snacks. So, as you catch up with your buddies reminiscing over old tales or gossiping over spicy topics don’t forget to grab your plate of scrummy ChpiseeZ. Share it with your friends and set the ball rolling for some real fun!

Sneak peak to our tasty snacking world and take your snacking imagination to the next level.

Pitaara ChipseeZ – The Real Mash-Up of Flavors to Keep your Snacking Game Fresh

1. Zippy Masala: Bursting with flavors, the masala chips are sure to tantalize your tastebuds and leave you asking for more. This appetizing nosh can amp up the fun quotient to any gathering. So, next time when you are with your fun mates don’t forget to bring the real flavorful twist of masala chips. Still better, stock up your snack basket with Pitaara Masala chips and have it as you crave it!

2. Truly Salted: The classic salted chips continue to rule hearts. The mild flavor and crunchy texture of this timeless offering is just the ideal pick to satiate your unscheduled munching cravings. Get your pack and munch to your heart’s content on this evergreen variety of chips!

3. Zesty Pudina: Craving for a refreshing munch? The zesty Pudina chips give you just the right minty punch that opens all gates of freshness. Brimming with the cool lime flavor each nibble will lift your spirits. Treat yourself and your friends to this yummy snack and stir up some real fun!

4. Peppy Cream and Onion: The mildly sweet and creamy flavored potato chips are a must-have snack for your get together. But why wait fora party to enjoy the irresistible and flavorful packed chips? Just order them online and treat yourself with the tasty chips now!

5. Zingy Tomato: Romance your taste buds with the lip smacking and tangy flavor of tomatoes and savory spices. Be it the regular snack time or impromptu get-together, this snack variety is sure to leave you yum struck! So, go get your pack of Zingy tomato chips and make the most of your moments with this super crunchy munch.

If you’re a gastronome who’s passionate about experiencing the best of flavors, then ChipseeZ potato chips is something that shouldn’t miss out from your snack list. Whether it’s partying with friends or chilling out with siblings at home, with delicious variants of ChipseeZ you have a reason to celebrate every mood and occasion!


Pitaara Snacks - Khazana Khaas Palon Ka

Pitaara – Khazana Khaas Palon Ka

Going down the memory lane of good old days, there’s something we all can connect to – the refreshing snacking time. Growing up, we all had our favourite snacks that delighted us the most. In fact, no fun time was complete without luscious snacks. Be it relishing the sweet-tangy mango slices during summers, munching on popcorn for movie nights or nibbling on humble potato chips at school breaks, string of sweet memories are attached to each of them.

For a daily serving of nostalgia, lets’ take a look at some of the delicious snacks and tit-bits that made our yesteryear memories more exciting. Curated below is a list of snacks that are guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane.

Throwback to snack picks that enriched our moments

1. Aloo bhujia: The iconic aloo bhujia that still continues to tantalize our taste buds was one of the favourite evening snacks. Loaded with the goodness of potato and the flavorsome spices, aloo bhujia was the delicious treat that we craved for. Whether it was unwinding with family members at tea time or watching movies at night, a plate of aloo bhujia was the perfect snack to gorge on.

2. Salted peanuts: Devouring on roasted snack with the inherent deliciousness of peanuts turned out to be the ideal munching indulgence. Seasoned with salt and just the right amount of spices, this snack was the best for the unscheduled hunger pangs. What’s more, pairing these versatile salted peanuts with bhel, chaat, poha etc made us drool over the flavourful twist.

3. Masala Sev mumura: For the quick and easy breezy munchies, sev murmura was the incredible choice. Crispy and mildly flavored, the clubbing of murmura with sev created an excellent mix. Adding a dash of lemon juice, some chopped onions and tomatoes to masala sev murmura enhanced the taste manifolds. When homes bustled with relatives during vacations, this served as a saviour snack to satiate the unscheduled hunger pangs of the guests and their little ones.

4. Moong daal : Tasty and crunchy, it’s hard to replace it! The all-time crowd pleaser, moong daal was the go-to snack that we enjoyed during picnics and leisure times. Light and tasty, snacking on moong daal with nimbu pani or other drinks added extra zing to our festive moods.

5. Potato chips: When it comes to savoury snacks, we just can’t miss out potato chips. The crunchy potato chips have justifiably been all-time favourite snacks of people around the world. Be it partying with friends or cuddling in a cosy corner to enjoy a book, partnering with potato chips always heightened the excitement. Simple yet tempting, the crunchy sound with every bite took snacking to another level.

Want to relive the pleasant memories of past by treating your taste buds with something similar? Well, with Pitaara Snacks at home, it’s easy to create the magic of flavourful experiences. The brand offers a wide range of lip-smacking snacks and namkeens that will take you back to the childhood fun days of your. You can easily order the snacks online and create the party mood with your old-time friends and cousins. So, what are you waiting for? Hark back to the good old times with your Pitaara platter and live the cherished moments once again.

Give a Flavorful Twist to your Kids’ Snacks with these Chatpate Pitaara Variants

Give a Flavorful Twist to your Kids’ Snacks with these Chatpate Pitaara Variants

Are you feeling stressed over your child’s mood swings and food tantrums? Well, you are not alone.

Pandemic and lockdown has affected all of us in more ways than anyone expected. Talking about children, it has been really hard on them too. Confined to their homes, with no schools, limited outdoor activities and no social interaction, children are turning irritable and more demanding.

This is especially true in terms of their eating habits. Children have become very choosy about what they want to eat. Preparing different snacks to serve their changing preferences and moods can be overwhelming for mothers and caregivers. But, ignoring their demands too cannot serve the purpose.

So, what can be done? Well, you don’t have to always yield to their tantrums but you can certainly make things interesting for them by resorting to some simple tips.

Make their snacks more appealing

If you want to make munching time more inviting and fun for your kids, stack your kitchen cabinet with the exciting variants of Pitaara like sev mumura, aloo bhujia, khatta meetha, tomato chips, and peppy cream & onion chips. You can club them with other savories and food items to create tempting and delicious snacks that’s just right for your picky munchkin.

1. Anytime Sev Murmura: A blend of crispy and mildly flavored murmura and sev, it’s a yummy munching option for your child’s anytime hunger. Be it short-breaks from online classes or evening hunger pangs, with anytime Sev Murmura at home , managing your kid’s hunger cravings is lot easier. What’s more, add some chopped onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander and a squeeze of lemon to impart a tantalizing taste to every nibble. Serve your kids with their favorite drinks and see them relishing it!

2. Albela aloo bhujia: We have all had it at some point as a standalone snack with a cup of tea or a cool drink to the side. You can use this chatpata tit-bit to ramp up your child’s snacking moments. Add a crunch factor to the smooth strands of their favorite Maggie or try aloo bhujia curry or sev ki sabzi for an interesting delightful twist.

3. Khatta meetha : A crunchy snack with mash up of sweet and sour flavors, it gives your child ample of options to awaken their tastebuds . While it’s tempting enough to have it as it is, you can also try it with a bowl of sev murmura or bhel for an interesting mix.

4. Salted peanuts: Gorging on roasted snack that captures the inherent deliciousness of peanuts can turn out to be a amazing indulgence. Seasoned with salt, these bites are great for munching anytime of the day. You can also add these versatile peanuts to bhel, chaat, poha, and many other dishes and give flavorful punch to your child’s snacks.

Tempting chips assortment

Transform dull and regular moments of your munchkins into something more delightful with the lip smacking flavors of ChipseeZ. Amazingly crunchy, the ‘Pitaara’range is ariot of flavors that is sure to enliven your child’s mood.

1. Peppy cream and onion: The mildly sweet and creamy flavored potato chips is a great treat to the taste buds. Pair this yummy munch with pudina chutney and nimbu paani to give your darlings the deserving retreat.

2. Zingy Tomato chips: Sweet and tangy, these rippled tomato chips with a sprinkling of spices is flavorful and ideal for a crunchy munch. Serve these chips as a side dish with burgers and sandwiches and give your foodie kid a heavenly feel.

There’s lot more to explore with Pitaara namkeen and ChipseeZ. Unveil the treasure box of savories with Pitaara namkeen snacks and witness the real joy of snacking with your kids.

Delightful Pitaara Snacks – A Perfect Pick for your Rainy Day Cravings

Delightful Pitaara Snacks – A Perfect Pick for your Rainy Day Cravings

Who doesn’t like the pitter patter of raindrops? It’s like a swirl of fresh air that breathes life into everything it touches. Giving respite from the sweltering heat and sweat, the monsoon shower brings with it unbridled joy and enthusiasm. The freshness of wet green grass and the sweet smell of mud emanating from the earth creates a cheerful mood; it’s hard to remain untouched by the glories of nature.

What makes these rainy moments even more special is company of dear ones and some delicious snacks to indulge in. Organize a small cozy table near your balcony or just laze around on your couch and enjoy this monsoon weather with your favorite snacks and a hot cup of tea or coffee.

What causes rainy day cravings?

Rainy days sets your mood for those perfectly paired food cravings that go with the beauty and ambience of monsoons.

Ever wondered why it feels relaxing after a hot shower? Well, it is because after a hot shower, your body takes time to cool down and get back to normal temperature; this process of cooling down has a relaxing effect on our body. Similarly, after a prolonged spell of hot summer, a heavy downpour is refreshing, lifts off the heat and makes us indulge our munching and plunge into a lazy, relaxed mode.

Enjoy rainy days with some delicious Pitaara Snacks

Celebrate the splendour of rains with some scrumptious nibbles and tea time snacks from the house of Pitaara. We have handpicked five interesting choices from their bouquet of variants that are sure to make your rainy days more fulfilling and delightful.

1. Manchahi Moong Dal Namkeen : Pitaara’s Manchani Moong dal namkeen is the excellent snack to munch on as you enjoy the rain drops spluttering outside. Tasty and crunchy, every bite of moong dal gives your palate the flavor that’s quintessentially Indian. An ultimate crowd favorite, get your pack of this moong daal namakeen and simmering hot tea to celebrate the joy of rains.

2. Nutty tasty coated peanuts : Spiced and cooked to perfection, coated peanuts are just the right snacking options when craving for tasty indulgence. Beat the monotony of this lockdown by inviting friends to a virtual hangout and set the party mood with Pitaara nutty tasty coated peanuts and your choice of other food and drink accompaniments.

3. Bikaneri Bhujia Sev : Crunchy and spicy, Bikaneri Bhujia sev is the perfect tea time partner that can pep up your mood. You can even sprinkle it on poha, upma or dahipuri and relish the flavorful delight with your friends and family on rainy evenings. Whichever way you choose to have it, Bhujia Sev is the must-have savory that should not be missing from your snack basket.

4. Chaska Malai Sev :Treat yourself with a hot cup of masala chai and a bowl of Pitaara’s chaska malai sev as you enjoy the rain from your home. The smooth flavour and creamy texture of this namkeen is sure to leave you yum-struck. A light snack, it’s an ideal munching delight to gorge on!

5. Albela Aloo Bhujia: Dial up the flavours and fun of monsoon with a plateful of crispy and minty, aloo bhujia. Loaded with the goodness of potato and flavorsome spices, this crowd pleaser melts into mouth leaving a lingering taste & want for more.

Tasty namkeen are a must have, more so during monsoons. With these lip smacking options from Pitaara around, you are sure to have an amazing monsoon experience! You could either try out our recommendations here and or also explore the entire range that the brand has on offer. Next time as the nature mesmerizes you with its drizzles and cool breeze, make sure you are ready with your choices of yummy snacks and cherish beautiful moments!

Visit to know more.

Pep Up your WFH Routine with Lip Smacking Variety of Snacks

Pep Up your WFH Routine with Lip Smacking Variety of Snacks

Are you enjoying the comfort of work from home or do you find WFH really boring? Well, either ways there is something all WFHomers would agree with – the need to take small breaks to stay rejuvenated.

Whether it’s attending mundane Zoom meetings or completing client presentation, munching on delicious snacks can act as great mood enhancers, fulfilling your hunger pangs and revving up your spirits.

Pitaara offers exciting snack options to suit every mood and hour as you embark on your WFH routine. Make sure to stock your pantry with just the right snack items so you never run out of reasons and options to munch.

Stay Upbeat- Explore Delectable Snack Options!

Pitaara brings to you a wide range of delightful snack items that can stimulate your taste buds and keep you going. Whether you like very Crunchy, spicy, tangy, sweet or masaledaar there is something for everyone.

We have curated a list of top 5 picks from our range of our Pitaara namkeen & ChipseeZ chips, catering to your munching or tea time snacking needs.

1. Roasted Hing Chana :A bowl of roasted hing chana is flavorsome and filling snack item that you should not miss out. The Pitaara roasted chana with a hint of asafoetida (hing) and a tangy undertone of special spice mix can serve as a delightful mid-meal for all those unscheduled hunger pangs.

2. ChipseeZ Potato Chips: When it comes to snacking, you can’t afford to skip potato chips. An all-time favorite snack around the world, potato chips come as a savior when hit with craving for something crunchy. Flavor-packed ChipseeZ potato chips in 5 exciting flavours of Zingy Tomato, Zippy Masala, Zesty Pudina, Peppy Cream and Onion & Truly Salted are certainly a must-try to get that punch of crispy treat!

3. Albela Aloo bhujia: This is another great snack item that you can munch at anytime of the day. Made from boiled potatoes, gram flour, spices and herbs, Pitaara’s Albela aloo bhujia is the light, crunchy snack loaded with flavors. It is also a great accompaniment to other savory snacks. So, whether you are unwinding with your family members at tea time or working late at night, Aloo bhujia is the perfect snack to gorge on.

4. Khatta Meetha and More: For those who want to tantalize their tastebuds Khatta Meetha Mixture is the right option to go for. Available in tangy to sweet and spicy flavors, the mixture is extremely flavorful and hard to resist.

More Delightful offerings: With fingers on the snacking pulse of people, we bring to you several other mouth-watering variants of namkeens and mixtures that take snacking to another level. Lajawaab All-in-One mixture is worth a mention. With cashews, raisins and a bunch of other delectable ingredients, this savory makes for a good munch. It’s a perfect choice for anytime nibble!

Next time when you plan to upgrade your snack shelf don’t forget to check out Pitaara’s snack assortment. Try once and you’ll fall in love with them!