Chipseez Sizzling Chinese….. The Taste Of China, Made In India

We are always in love with Continental and Intercontinental tastes. When you want to eat something spicy and different than the usual meal, you can cross all the boundaries, or sure you do it. Then you want to eat something spicy and different than the usual meal. So, it doesn’t matter that you have to follow your diet for exercise or prescribed by your doctor. You eat it desirably.

Indian food is famous all over the world, like biryani. But with a slight change in the taste of everyday Indian food and for a different taste, Chinese and Italian food has been widely eaten
in India for the last few years. And as we all know, the Chinese food is a bit more famous than any other continental and intercontinental food. Because of the reasonable price for each type
of Chinese dishes, and most importantly the variety with its mouth-watering tastes. As much as Chinese food is available in different ways, it has a unique aroma that draws you to every
Chinese restaurant or stall hotel.

According to a survey conducted in India in the year 2018, Chinese food is as most preferable food of the Indian people, which is the most widely, consumed food in India at any time of eating. The prime reason for this popularity is the mixtures of Chinese spices blends of sauces and their unique aromatic tastes. China has an incredible history of food culture dating back to the time of the first modern civilization. An important part of their heritage is their food which became the most effective food in the world.

In terms of food culture, China is one of the largest and most influential cuisines in the world. The History of their cuisine in China and the changes in their tradition, medicine, growth,
and fashion has had an impact on the creation of new food recipes. There are very few continental types of foods in the world, which are known for their fragrant taste along with
their delicious taste. One of them is Chinese food. The variety of sauces and chutneys in Chinese cuisines give them a special taste. The Chinese are just as good at snacks as they are at
basic foods. The way they use red-green chilies, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, and cabbages with Chinese spices is tastefully palatable. We invariably go for Fried Rice, Noodles, Momos, Crispy,
Chili, Soups, Manchurians, Lollypops and a variety of Chinese dishes. Each of these items has a unique and mouth-watery taste that we love to eat often.

This is why Pitaara is presenting to you, a new flavour in the treasure of your chips that will give you an experience of an aromatic Chinese taste. To double the enjoyment of your


The taste of Sizzling Chinese chips will give you a unique mouth-watering treat. We always take care of your habit of tasting different flavors. This is probably the first time that potato
chips with special blends of Chinese spices have been invented. Be sure to let us know about your experience with this flavour.

Chopsticks se khao ya Fingertips se…. Sizzling Chinese Ka Mazaa Dono Me Ayega