Month of love - Pitaara

Gifting Happiness in the Month of Love

“Love Is When The Other Person’s Happiness Is More Important Than Your Happiness.”- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Love and happiness go hand-in-hand. We like to see our loved one happy and we are ready to do anything for their happiness. Preparing cup of tea for your tired parents, a pat on the back to your friend who is feeling low or a flower to your wife to make her feel special are some simple ways to spread happiness.

Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. It’s a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. It can be motherly love, sibling love, deep friendship or a romantic commitment between a couple. Love is actually boundless but it creates a long lasting bond for sure.

Relationships can be complex. Every relationship has its own special moments. Some are are spicy, some are crisp, and some are sweet. A relationship becomes soulful, ripe and has a lingering taste with a combination of all these.

It is said that the way to reach someone’s heart is through his/her stomach. There is no greater joy than sharing a favourite snack or a dish with your loved one.

Beautiful weather, favourite destination, company of a loved one, soothing music is a formula that doesn’t fail in creating a perfect love ambience. Nothing but Pitaara Snacks will add the right flavor to this ambience. Similarly, a lot can be talked over, with tasty crunchy snacks and tea by your side. Lot of sharing takes place. Food is the catalyst to this whole process of love for sure.

So, PITAARA is always ready to serve you some amazing snacks which work well for different moods and moments.


Love is soothing but cannot be complete without cute little fights between couples. This snack has Sweet and Sour flavors. Combination of both these flavors and a garnish of pistachios makes it tempting and tasty. This delightful snack gives you a merry mood. It’s a good mood changer when served along with an apology.


Just as every relationship is a mixture of emotions, this crunchy breakfast is made with a yummy blend of potatoes, raisins, and peanuts. The mild Sweetness that it has, energizes you and keeps your bad mood at bay. Various fruits can be relished along with this snack. Especially if you are observing a fast for your loved one.


Sweet and spicy mixed potato chips are a favorite of any age, and you can eat them anytime. This yummy combination is always mouth-watering. Don’t forget to try these tasty chips with a cold drink or juice this season.


Pizza is always a deliciously unique taste for all of us. Chipseez Delicious Pizza is a popular treat among all pizza lovers. You do not have to wait for 30 minutes to get your pizza. It is a delicious way to cheer up your upset companion. That too in a matter of seconds. Besides, it also has a crunch of wafers, which will leave you and your companion craving for more.


Crispy potato chips with a perfect salty taste is a snack that swings your mood so positively. Truly Salted is a basic but very delicious favorite snack that is famous world-wide. These chips go well with tea, juice, coffee or any brew; and never let you down when it comes to pepping up your partner’s mood.