Give a Flavorful Twist to your Kids’ Snacks with these Chatpate Pitaara Variants

Give a Flavorful Twist to your Kids’ Snacks with these Chatpate Pitaara Variants

Are you feeling stressed over your child’s mood swings and food tantrums? Well, you are not alone.

Pandemic and lockdown has affected all of us in more ways than anyone expected. Talking about children, it has been really hard on them too. Confined to their homes, with no schools, limited outdoor activities and no social interaction, children are turning irritable and more demanding.

This is especially true in terms of their eating habits. Children have become very choosy about what they want to eat. Preparing different snacks to serve their changing preferences and moods can be overwhelming for mothers and caregivers. But, ignoring their demands too cannot serve the purpose.

So, what can be done? Well, you don’t have to always yield to their tantrums but you can certainly make things interesting for them by resorting to some simple tips.

Make their snacks more appealing

If you want to make munching time more inviting and fun for your kids, stack your kitchen cabinet with the exciting variants of Pitaara like sev mumura, aloo bhujia, khatta meetha, tomato chips, and peppy cream & onion chips. You can club them with other savories and food items to create tempting and delicious snacks that’s just right for your picky munchkin.

1. Anytime Sev Murmura: A blend of crispy and mildly flavored murmura and sev, it’s a yummy munching option for your child’s anytime hunger. Be it short-breaks from online classes or evening hunger pangs, with anytime Sev Murmura at home , managing your kid’s hunger cravings is lot easier. What’s more, add some chopped onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander and a squeeze of lemon to impart a tantalizing taste to every nibble. Serve your kids with their favorite drinks and see them relishing it!

2. Albela aloo bhujia: We have all had it at some point as a standalone snack with a cup of tea or a cool drink to the side. You can use this chatpata tit-bit to ramp up your child’s snacking moments. Add a crunch factor to the smooth strands of their favorite Maggie or try aloo bhujia curry or sev ki sabzi for an interesting delightful twist.

3. Khatta meetha : A crunchy snack with mash up of sweet and sour flavors, it gives your child ample of options to awaken their tastebuds . While it’s tempting enough to have it as it is, you can also try it with a bowl of sev murmura or bhel for an interesting mix.

4. Salted peanuts: Gorging on roasted snack that captures the inherent deliciousness of peanuts can turn out to be a amazing indulgence. Seasoned with salt, these bites are great for munching anytime of the day. You can also add these versatile peanuts to bhel, chaat, poha, and many other dishes and give flavorful punch to your child’s snacks.

Tempting chips assortment

Transform dull and regular moments of your munchkins into something more delightful with the lip smacking flavors of ChipseeZ. Amazingly crunchy, the ‘Pitaara’range is ariot of flavors that is sure to enliven your child’s mood.

1. Peppy cream and onion: The mildly sweet and creamy flavored potato chips is a great treat to the taste buds. Pair this yummy munch with pudina chutney and nimbu paani to give your darlings the deserving retreat.

2. Zingy Tomato chips: Sweet and tangy, these rippled tomato chips with a sprinkling of spices is flavorful and ideal for a crunchy munch. Serve these chips as a side dish with burgers and sandwiches and give your foodie kid a heavenly feel.

There’s lot more to explore with Pitaara namkeen and ChipseeZ. Unveil the treasure box of savories with Pitaara namkeen snacks and witness the real joy of snacking with your kids.