Nostalgic Childhood Reunions

Yes, those were the days. Those Khaas Pal of our life that we used to experience in a very occasional manner. In our school or college days, we used to reunite after the long summer vacation of May. It was a heavenly feeling of meeting our classmates after so long, with whom we spent half the time of our lives of our school days. The days with least tension, no busy schedules, no stress of monthly bills & expenses, and no deadlines of EMIs or rents. Only the memories of having snack every day with our mates. The month of June is all about some new beginnings, which were usual every year but fresh every time.

June is always connected with all nostalgic moments. Even the first rainy day of hot Chai and crunchy and mouthwatering snacks like Bikaneri Bhuija, Spicy Masala Sev Murmura or some Potato Chips. Reunions with treats matter a lot to our life. It takes us to our relish funny past days; away from our present busy life.

Childhood is filled with loads of unforgettable memories that we loved to eat some specific snacks by spending time at specific places. Nostalgia is all about close friendship, eating peanuts between lectures or bunking lectures for some corny reasons and go out to ravish some treats.

Now we miss those days and cannot meet our old friends; because everyone is as busy with their own lives as we are. All of those fun times are gone away with those days. Between the busy days of our current lifestyle, we’ve lost that Khaas palon ka Khazana.

We forgot to meet and greet each other and celebrate that nostalgic era of our life. Those tasteful moments we have shared with our buddies. But nowadays we do not have even a minute to call our monstrous childhood friends or send a single text as ‘Hi buddy, How are you?” The days of “let’s meet and plan” have become “let’s plan and meet”.

So finally, let’s meet and plan! Let’s reunite and live those childhood meetups again with our mates and get out of the gates of this busy life. Let’s be nostalgic and recreate that magic.

This season we wish you the best nostalgic childhood reunions. Pitaara is the ultimate solution to create some Khas Pal along with you and your buddies by accompanying its crunchy and yummy palatable snacks.

Bikaneri Bhuija:

Bikaneri Bhujia is a snack that you never say no to. The best snack for every season and any party gatherings. Bikaneri Bhujia is always delicious Crispy and even crunchy. It relishing works as a supplement to many other foods to enhance the taste. We can add a few mint leaves and cherry tomatoes and squeeze some lemon juice into the mix by garnishing with green chillies. Bikaneri Bhujia gives a pleasant taste and a delicious contrast with tea.

Masala Sev Murmura:

Masala Sev Murmura is the tastiest snack for those who are spicy lovers. Crunchy Murmura (puffed rice) with a delicious mixture of spicy Sev taste satiates not just your mid-meal hunger but also your taste buds. Pitaara’s Masala Sev Murmura is a great namkeen for those looking for a pack with a tasty twist of masala mix. It is a perfect treat with tea, lemonade, or any of your favorite beverages.

Peppy Cream & Onion:

When you try for something unique to make your treats special, here is the way to it. A combination of cream and onion is always a bit different and an amazingly tastiest choice. The mildly sweet and creamy taste of these potato chips pleases the tongue. Peppy Cream & Onion is a great tasteful treat for any get-together, party, or trip you plan anytime.