Pep Up your WFH Routine with Lip Smacking Variety of Snacks

Pep Up your WFH Routine with Lip Smacking Variety of Snacks

Are you enjoying the comfort of work from home or do you find WFH really boring? Well, either ways there is something all WFHomers would agree with – the need to take small breaks to stay rejuvenated.

Whether it’s attending mundane Zoom meetings or completing client presentation, munching on delicious snacks can act as great mood enhancers, fulfilling your hunger pangs and revving up your spirits.

Pitaara offers exciting snack options to suit every mood and hour as you embark on your WFH routine. Make sure to stock your pantry with just the right snack items so you never run out of reasons and options to munch.

Stay Upbeat- Explore Delectable Snack Options!

Pitaara brings to you a wide range of delightful snack items that can stimulate your taste buds and keep you going. Whether you like very Crunchy, spicy, tangy, sweet or masaledaar there is something for everyone.

We have curated a list of top 5 picks from our range of our Pitaara namkeen & ChipseeZ chips, catering to your munching or tea time snacking needs.

1. Roasted Hing Chana :A bowl of roasted hing chana is flavorsome and filling snack item that you should not miss out. The Pitaara roasted chana with a hint of asafoetida (hing) and a tangy undertone of special spice mix can serve as a delightful mid-meal for all those unscheduled hunger pangs.

2. ChipseeZ Potato Chips: When it comes to snacking, you can’t afford to skip potato chips. An all-time favorite snack around the world, potato chips come as a savior when hit with craving for something crunchy. Flavor-packed ChipseeZ potato chips in 5 exciting flavours of Zingy Tomato, Zippy Masala, Zesty Pudina, Peppy Cream and Onion & Truly Salted are certainly a must-try to get that punch of crispy treat!

3. Albela Aloo bhujia: This is another great snack item that you can munch at anytime of the day. Made from boiled potatoes, gram flour, spices and herbs, Pitaara’s Albela aloo bhujia is the light, crunchy snack loaded with flavors. It is also a great accompaniment to other savory snacks. So, whether you are unwinding with your family members at tea time or working late at night, Aloo bhujia is the perfect snack to gorge on.

4. Khatta Meetha and More: For those who want to tantalize their tastebuds Khatta Meetha Mixture is the right option to go for. Available in tangy to sweet and spicy flavors, the mixture is extremely flavorful and hard to resist.

More Delightful offerings: With fingers on the snacking pulse of people, we bring to you several other mouth-watering variants of namkeens and mixtures that take snacking to another level. Lajawaab All-in-One mixture is worth a mention. With cashews, raisins and a bunch of other delectable ingredients, this savory makes for a good munch. It’s a perfect choice for anytime nibble!

Next time when you plan to upgrade your snack shelf don’t forget to check out Pitaara’s snack assortment. Try once and you’ll fall in love with them!