Masala Sev Murmura Namkeen by Pitaara

Masala Sev Murmura

A lightly spiced munch

Crispy, flavoured pairing of murmura (puffed rice) with a hint of spiced sev. An ideal choice for those looking for a light snack packed with a tasty twist of masala mix. Perfect by itself, and also with chai, nimbu pani or your choice of beverage.

Different Taste

Masala Sev Murmura

A pairing of foods that will remind you of Bengal’s jhaal muri and Mumbai’s bhel. This spiced namkeen will tantalize your taste buds with just a sprinkle of finely chopped raw mango or tomato, coriander leaves and a dash of sweet tamarind (imli) chutney. Sip on a cup of chai while munching on this mix.