Mast Mumbai Bhel

Spice up a bit in Mumbaiyya Style, Try Chatpata Mast Mumbai Bhel!

Mumbai, better known as Bombay, is the city that rules the hearts of millions. Tagged as one of the most populous cities in the world, Mumbai is also the land of aspirations, dreams, cuisines, and entertainment. Drawing people from different regions and backgrounds, this bustling city stands out owing to its diversity and vitality.

A lively city that never sleeps & embraces all with an open heart, Mumbai is enriched with diverse cultures, reflecting the true essence of Unity in diversity. The packed streets of Mumbai are the hot spots laced with intriguing stories of the past that mesmerize people. An unparallel setting for social interactions and a reflection of urban life, these casual-looking streets narrate more than what meets the eyes.

When talking of Mumbai, it’s hard to miss out on people’s passion for the local street fare. The streets are the hub of countless gastronomical delights and delicious snacks. Leading fast-paced lives, people here spend a significant time of their lives commuting and it’s the street food that keeps them going.

Varieties of fast-food snacks are easily available on the streets and beaches that fill the tummy of the commuters and energize them to move on. The street food culture of the city is embraced by a wide cross-section of the population ranging from office workers & students to daily wage laborers, businessmen, and more.

The mouthwatering snacks like vada pav, panipuri, bhelpuri, pav bhaji, missal pav are some of the signature items of Mumbai local fare that is heartily consumed by people. Ask any local person and you’ll get to know how passionate everyone is about the bhel puri chaat whipped by the chaat walas.

The colorful and tempting chaat is not just a treat to the eyes but also to the tastebuds. Mumbai bhel is just another quintessentially Mumbaiyya food that adds additional flavor to the platter is Mumbai bhel. Mumbai Bhel is a delectable mix of chosen ingredients dished up in one tempting package, Mumbai Bhel is something that no food enthusiast misses on.

The perfect spices, mild sweetness, and tangy crunch of the bhel make the beaches alive every night where locals come for a cool breeze. A quick munch of bhel lifts up their spirits and brings a smile to their faces.

Pitaara’s Mast Mumbai Bhel – A Snack that will leave you Drooling!

To give the Mumbaikars a perfect taste to relish, Pitaara has introduced to its range the yummy Mast Mumbai Bhel. Reflecting the mixed culture of the city, this savory is a yum pack of flavors. A mash-up of perfectly treated puffed rice, crunchy peanuts, dried dates, and more, the snack is a magic spell for snack lovers. With a sprinkle of sweet, sour, and spicy condiments, the appetizing bhel is a sheer delight to the tastebuds.

What makes this crunchy mix even more appealing is that you can add your twist to the snack. By using some finely chopped onions, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, and a dash of lemon juice you can turn it into an awesome chaat mix. What’s more, when paired up with some chutney like pudina chutney or tamarind chutney, this Mast Mumbai Bhel will spark up your snacking moment multifold.

A light and crunchy savory, it serves just the right mid-day munch or as an accompaniment to your evening tea times. When unexpected guests throng your place or there’s an impromptu house party, this Mast Mumbai Bhel from Pitaara can be your savior. So, get your pack of this amazing mix and brace up for some Mumbaiiyya style fun!

Other tasty snack additions from Pitaara

Pitaara brings to you some lip-smacking snacks and namkeens that can be enjoyed anywhere anytime. From mealtime treats to tea-time favorites, an assorted collection of Pitaara namkeens is an excellent choice for those who always yearn for scrumptious delights. Be it Chatpata Hing Chana, Bikaneri Bhujia, Mast Mumbai Bhel, Aloo bhujia, Moong daal, or Chipseez(the chips variants) every pack is brimming with flavors that are hard to resist. If you are a true snack lover, craving a yummy treat then Pitaara snacks are just the right pick for you!