Summertime Treats – The fun time of the year that you couldn’t resist.

Summer is undoubtedly the best season in the world ever. Sunny days seem to go on forever. The evening stays light till night. The mornings are so bright that they excite you to get up. The season of Celebrations, Trips, and Get together. Our office Trips or Friends and Family occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, farewell, and welcome parties; we are always hungry to make those Khas Pal whenever there are our special meetups. And the summer season forces us to come out together and make a shout to get our Khazaana, Khaas Palon Ka.’

Everyone’s favourite season is the Summer because of the warm weather, academic holidays, and limitless fun. We enjoy the warm weather because it is the perfect environment for outdoor activities. The best thing about Summer is that the schools are closed for almost two months, then parents have to plan some notable changes from the regulars routine of their kids.

Summer is one of the four seasons, which passes after spring and foretells autumn. At this time of year, the days get warmer, and longer, while the nights of this season are the shortest. The Sun is shining so brightly, and everything around hints to go outdoors! It motivates us to do something special these days.

Every day of summer has stories; a story of a lovely couple, a tale of best friends, a bonding between relations. Then the food of the story makes it memorable. In short, the Summer season is defined as the extravaganzas of gathering, outing, traveling, and having treats together.

As we all know that our any event or gatherings is incomplete without snacks. In fact the Party is all about having good food and beverages. Rather the combinations of both should be perfect to enjoy the Khazaana Khaas Palon ka.

Let’s plan accordingly with your adorable folks and Pitaara is always with you to make your Khaas Pal. Here we have some delicious and appetizing snack stuffs to bring more cheeriness in your Summertime treats.

Ghulmil Raita Boondi

Ghulmil Raita Boondi is our ultimate hit and everyone’s favourite product. And the addition of yogurt into Ghulmil means an excellent for digestion and great refreshment for overcoming heat. Ghulmil Raita Boondi is all about quite perfectness. There is no need to add extra spices to make it more flawless Raita Boondi. You can make a classic drink by adding Ghulmil Raita Boondi to Shikanji and it is always everyone’s choice for summer.


Kurkura Chana Dal

Kurkura Chana Dal is the best in terms of its crunchiness and taste. But protein-rich Dal gives immense strength along with heavenly taste. Just have lemon and mint along with it, to bring freshness to your mood as well as food. Crispy chickpeas are always ready for you to instantly refresh you to enjoy the summer and calm your hunger.

Anytime Sev Murmura

The crunchy and mild flavour of Murmura (inflated rice) and Sev is an amazing combination. This is a very light snack, as the name implies. The flavours packed in it are suitable for any season. This snack will always give you a nicer taste to your tongue and the amazing experience of easy to digest. There is no need to worry if you are a health-conscious person. It is also perfect with tea or lemonade, or any fruit drink. Your Summertime is always blessed with Anytime Sev Murmura. You can have it as much as you want at any time.