Shravan, Auspicious Month of the Year!

The entire month of Shravana is auspicious for the worship of Lord Shiva, but the Mondays in this month are considered doubly auspicious than other days. They are termed as “Shravan Somwar”. According to the scriptures, Lord Shiva was reunited with his wife Sati, who incarnated as Goddess Parvati in the month of Shravan.

You have a lot stories about “Saawan Ka Mahina” and it’s Khaas Pal. When we say Shravan, the first thing that comes to our mind is rain, lush greenery, overflowing rivers, and a pleasant atmosphere. We are exhausted of the stress of summer. And then Shravan comes to please us by cooling the atmosphere around us. We love to visit waterfalls or hilly areas as a short trip during weekends. We get positive energy along with the aura of this atmosphere. The month of Shravan brings natural and mindful prosperity.

Fasting during the Shravana month is considered very fortunate. Waking up early morning, visiting specially the Shiva Temple, and offering a mixture of Milk, Ghee, Yogurt, Gangajal, and Honey also known as Panchamrut along with Bilva leaves is a must. One can have milk and milk products, fruits and other fasting approved food and snacks during this time.

Most of the people in India or Indians living abroad prefer to eat vegetarian food this month. Some of its religious reasons are deity worship of Lord Shiva and the scientific reasons that our digestive systems are weaker during the monsoons owing to the lack of sunlight. It is best to avoid consuming non-vegetarian meals. During the Sawan or Shravan fast, people consume light snacks that are simple to digest. There are numerous water-borne illnesses during the rainy season as well.

When there are days of fasting and the rainy weather is likely to spread epidemics even when there is no fasting, we choose to have a healthy and hygienic food or snacks. Everyone should go for healthy diet and regularly observe the month of Shravan as a vegetarian to maintain physical health.

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Saras Falahari Teekha is nothing but a blessing on the days when you fast and feel like eating a little spicy. A crunchy and delicious snacks is made from a mixture of potatoes, raisins and peanuts. A perfect blend of sweets and spices improves your fasting mood instantly and gives you the energy that lasts for a long. It will definitely be a good partner for your tea or coffee.

Saras Falahari Meetha is a sweet-tasty falahari snack is prepared from potatoes, raisins and peanuts with a combination of crispness and the correct hint of sweetness. Saras Falahari Meetha is specially made for those who love to eat some sweet delicious on fasting days, and then this tasty mix is a feast that lifts the mood.

Chipseez Falahari Chips are the tastiest fun of your fasts in every festival that you won’t like to share on your fasting day. This perfect blend of sweet and spicy taste is flavoured with curry leaves. You can uplift your fasting mood anytime by having this flavoursome snack with tea or coffee.

Pitaara Falahari Snacks products use Sendha Namak (Black Salt), Rock Salt, and dry fruits which are appropriate for fasting and make your fasting diet a pleasing feast.

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