Keen for Namkeen and Chips with dips!

When we have leisurely moments and plan to satisfy our light hunger pangs, then two options of snacks always come to our mind. No doubt those are Namkeen or Chips. Or sometimes we enjoy both together. Namkeen is a traditional and Chips as a western snack, this alluring pair has been pleasing our tummies for years.

When it comes to light snacks, Indian Namkeen leads the way in taste and variety. Namkeen is a broad term that symbolizes salty snacks consumed by all cultures in India. It includes Ratlami Sev, Bhujia and Aloo Bhujia, spicy or Salted Peanuts, sweet and spicy Bhels, Chana Dal and Moong Dal, as well as Farsan, a mixed spice mix with Murmura, Sev, varieties of Dal and Dry fruits. Depending on regional tastes, Namkeens are mildly or heavily spiced, unseasoned, or coated.

Those who love to eat a mixture of sour, sweet and spicy like Namkeen always prefer a cup of coffee or tea with it. Namkeen is a pure Indian form of a snack that helps every Indian to celebrate their Khaas Pal.

Various ingredients are used to make Namkeen. Each region has its features, components, spices, and detailed methods of preparation. These types of snacks reflect the prevailing food habits of different parts of India. People can find products from various famous Namkeen brands in India on websites that offer delicious Namkeen to tempt customers. But when you want to buy pure Indian Namkeen from one window, is the best source to buy the best-tasting savouries.

Whether the inventor of Chips is an English Cook William Kitchiner or the American chef George Speck is a subject of debate. But there is no doubt that the snack type of Chips is renowned all over the world.

Potato Chips have a history of almost 200 years. From the basic recipe, it has been improved in many ways such as deep fried, kettle cooked, and air fried. Since 2010, air frying has become a popular alternative to deep frying, including the preparations of homemade potato chips.

After the 1950s, potato chips started getting flavours like Barbecue, Cheese and Onion, Salt, and Vinegar. Currently, Potato Chips have several flavours that are always ready to satisfy people’s taste buds.

ChipseeZ by Pitaara is meant to make your Khaas Pal more pleasant and entertaining. These chips are nothing but a lip-smacking, crunchy, and multi-flavoured feast. Whether you are watching a movie, going on a trip, partying, or even enjoying yourself, ChipseeZ never leaves you alone. What Pitaara offers you as ChipseeZ are your secret to having a great time. Each flavour has a very different taste, so choose what you want to eat according to your mood!

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Be ready to gather your Khazana Khaas Palon Ka from your Pitaara.