Welcome to the Season of Chai Times & Snacks

How monsoon is the season of having Chai!
Yes, the monsoon is indeed the season of tea times. It is special time to create the Khaas Palon Ka Khazana. We love to have Chai with something crunchy-yummy Potato Chips, and Namkeens packs, or some hot snacks like Pakoda and Samosa from the stalls. But due to the reasons of hygiene we usually avoid outside oily food like Samosas or Pakoda.
As an Indian how obsessed we are for Chai and have something along with it!

There is no doubt that we live in a country that has the oldest tea tradition in the world. The Chai culture in India is an integral part of everyone’s daily life, from the high mountains of Kashmir to the yellow shores of Kerala. People of all ages, class, and community drink all kinds of tea is available around them. Starting the day with a cup of hot tea with snacks has become a habit for everyone from young to old one.

But any type of Chai is incomplete unless we don’t eat something with it. Nowadays, because of the increasing demand for various flavoured snacks, biscuits and toasts have become older versions. Among some of the national pastimes, Indians are at the forefront of having tea culture with full of snack.

Snacks and Chai is a pair forever.

Our taste demands to have tea and snacks together every time. We have these two things made for each other. So most of the time, we miss snacks while drinking tea, and just want to have a cup of tea while having only snack. A snack completes the Khas Pal of the Chai that we drink anytime and so does the Chai.

Snacks we love to eat with Chai.

Chai is best ever enjoyed when paired with crunchy and tasty snacks. Especially some variants of Chai like Masala Chai or Irani Cream Tea with savoury snacks is the stuff for the perfect Khas Pal of rainy days are made of.

Crunchy and lightly spiced goes a long way to make tea time more delightful. And Aloo Bhujia comes into our lives to fulfil this purpose.

While you may not keep a tab of how many fistfuls of Bhujia you’ve ingested, Zesty Pudina or Zingy Tomato makes it easier to keep the count.

The sweet and sour taste of Khatta Meetha offers the best flavour in the world. You would ever like to hold the tea with this savour.